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Tomra Sorting Food melder ikke kundeavtaler/salg av sorteringsteknologi til enkeltkunder, men det man finner om virksomheten på nettet er en fryd å lese. Her er en reportasje om en 4 dagers demo av TOMRA 5B for gamle og nye kunder i lokalitetene til selskapet Kernel Export i Murcia Spania. Braksuksess!

Excellent reception of the Tomra 5B at the Demo Week for sheet products and vegetable customers


Optical sorter Tomra 5B has been the protagonist in one of the Demo Week organized by Tomra Sorting Foodfor a week. It was attended by numerous customers interested in trying the benefits provided by this pointer equipment. The demonstration took place the last week of may in installations of Kernel Export, company dedicated to the production, packaging and distribution for all of Europe's fruit and vegetables located in Murcia.

Unlike other calls, this time was done in two stages. First of all, held a private two-day demonstration for this regular customer of Tomra Sorting Food, where witnessed with their own eyes, and with its product, the benefits associated with the selector Tomra 5B. Then, organized an open day to which was attended by numerous customers in the sector of vegetables of leaf and vegetables which was also Royalveg, producer of spinach with over 50 years of experience.

Om Kernel Export, vertskapet for demoen:

Beskrivelse og video TOMRA 5B:

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Mer storfint nytt fra Tomra Sorting Food. Supert når man får servert nyheter av slikt kaliber daglig!

Ardo fokuserer på kvalitet og omsetter for en milliard euro. Ja, Ardo produserer 25% av de frosne grønnsakene på det europeiske markedet, og dere kan selv lese hvorfor man velger Tomras sorteringsteknologi og hva man sier om den. Kort fortalt; for Ardo er kun det beste godt nok.

Ardo upgrades processing technologies with Sentinel II optical sorting machines

Tomra Food selected to partner Ardo

Tomra Food, a manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines for the food industry, has been selected to partner Ardo, which is known for their work in the fresh-frozen vegetable sector. Ardo has installed two Tomra Sentinel II optical sorting machines at its processing plant in Ardooie, Belgium, as part of its ongoing objective to achieve ‘maximum output in both volume and quality.’

Ardo is a family-owned business which has grown to a €1bn turnover through commitment to quality. Ardo employs 3,800 people at 21 production, packing and distribution sites in nine nations, and exports to more than 100 countries. The company sources vegetables, herbs and fruit from 3,500 growers and processes 860,000 tonnes annually. One-quarter of all frozen vegetables in Europe come from Ardo, primarily for use in soups, ready-to-eat meals, and baby food. Ardo also supplies the house brands of almost all large European supermarkets, as well as large caterers for rest homes, hospitals and schools.

Ardo’s Group Marketing & Communication Director, Heidi Goovaerts, commented: “As a very innovative company, investments in the factory are one way that we differ from our competitors. We also differentiate ourselves through sustainability. This includes minimising food waste, which is one reason why we selected Tomra ’s sorting machines. Tomra ’s technologies will help us minimise waste and maximise productivity at the same time as delivering the highest product quality.”


Ardo’s Production Line Manager, Gillis Alliet, said: “Technology does not stand still, and that’s why we decided to purchase these new machines, because we always strive for a better product. The Sentinel II is a reliable machine, well designed for operator safety, and an enhancement for our line in terms of food safety. The machines are easy to set up, give good results, and have a really nice control display. The operators are happy to work with these machines - they use them like they use their mobile phones, intuitively. The Sentinel is easy to set up and gives the best results.”


Publication date: 4/23/2019
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Kontraktene triller inn dørene for TOMRA!!! Gleder meg virkelig til Q1 den 7 Mai. Det er da jeg tror vi får den virkelige Take Off’en for aksjen!!!

Spennende dette!!!


Har ikke tid til å servere "ferdigmat" i kveld så dere får følge link og lese dere som er interessert. Den kinesiske matvareprodusenten Su Zhou Kou shui Wa Food Co., Ltd som omsetter for milliarder av yuan, bruker store ord om forbedringen innen produktkvalitet og konkurranseeve etter å ha erstattet gammelt utstyr med Tomras sorteringsteknologi.

NB! Taurang == Tomra

optical sorting enhances the quality of sunflower seeds and creates a boutique brand

China Economic News Network 2019-04-26 16:38:08

Su Zhou Kou shui Wa Food Co., Ltd:

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Sitter på en haug av interessante selskapsnyheter innen alle forretningsområder som jeg ikke har hatt tid/anledning til å poste på forumet den siste tiden. Prøver å få ut litt nå, kjapt og i rask rekkefølge, til dere som er interessert i det som skjer i Tomra, og begynner her.

Tomra som global markedsleder innen sorteringsteknologi for mat, har de to siste årene også utviklet og testet sorteringsteknologi for dyremat

Agro media » Factory-process »

Innovation: Tomra tackles the petfood market by proposing new sorting solutions

Tomra food, the world's leading manufacturer of optical sorting machines for the agri-food industry, innovates by offering sorting solutions to pet food manufacturers. By developing...

Celine Agromedia | April 29th, 2019

Tomra food, the world's leading manufacturer of optical sorting machines for the agri-food industry, innovates by offering sorting solutions to pet food manufacturers.
By developing four new dedicated sorting solutions, Tomra allows industrialists to easily eliminate the finest foreign objects found in frozen ground meat, dried meat, animal meal and croquettes.

These new sorting solutions have been tested for 2 years in Tomra factories and in real-life in manufacturing units in Europe and the United States. By adjusting the parameterisation on sorting machines originally designed for food intended for human consumption, a series of tests have determined the optimal configurations in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

The risk of contamination of pet food can be high due to the nature of the raw materials used. Animal, meat and bone meal, from offal collected in slaughterhouses, may contain all sorts of foreign objects. The frozen minced meat which enters the composition of the boxes also comes from giblets. The residue of biscuits used to make dry croquettes may contain plastic or packaging cardboard. And if the storage silos of dry croquettes are not completely empty before filling, there may be risk of cross contamination.

Solutions adapted to different types of pet food

Tomra has adapted sorting solutions to the specific challenges posed by the different categories of animal feed. The sorting machines were designed to withstand high-stress environments, wet, dry or dusty environments, says Tomra.

Optical sensors that inspect the flow of products distinguish between a product and a foreign material or cross-contamination depending on the colour, structure or composition perceived. Nozzles installed on the platforms eject questionable materials with precise and powerful air jets, which does not slow down production performance.

"Pet owners have increasingly high expectations. Tomra's sorting technologies now allow manufacturers to respond in a simple and reliable way to the quality and safety requirements of products, explains Bjorn Thumas, Director of development at Tomra food.

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Her et veldig interessant møte med salgsdirektør i Tomra Sorting Food Kina, Liu Linhu. Gjengir bare litt fra innledningen så følg linken under for å lese mer.

NB!! Taurang == Tomra

The food industry continues to develop, and enterprises are steadily seeking to change

China Economic News network 2019-05-07 14:31:02

-Interview with Liu Linhu, sales director of Taurang food sorting in China

Mr. Liu Linhu has over 20 years of experience in the food industry, from process design and R & amp; d in the food industry to the introduction of foreign advanced technology into China, he has been deeply involved in the food industry, dabbling in different areas of the food industry, but also experienced the rapid development of the entire Chinese food industry stage. After joining Taurang China in early 2018, Mr. Liu Linhu was mainly responsible for the sales and pre-sales technical testing of Taurang food in China and the implementation of three pieces of business in the project.

"Three See" the development trend of global food industry

Mr. Liu Linhu the entire food industry chain into three pieces, a piece of raw materials, the second is the processing of products, the third is the consumer end. In his view, the entire food industry is facing changes and challenges in the overall progress of the situation.

Spanske Dafisa skamroser og satser alt på Tomras sorteringsteknologi når det gjelder sin mandelproduksjon. Gjengir litt fra innledningen. Mye mer å lese.

Spanish almond sector boom

Dafisa improves its position in the international market with the sensor classification system of Nimbus BSIS


The implementation of Tomra 'S Nimbus BSI in Dafisa 's production line ensures quality and safety resulting in increased productivity and efficient use of resources. The introduction of this technology from Tomra Food, one of the most advanced suppliers in sensor-based classification solutions, improves the competitiveness of Dafisa, which raises positions in the world ranking of almonds, of better quality than the American.

The Spanish almond sector is booming. It is a healthy product with great profitability. The high quality of the Spanish almond is, without a doubt, one of the reasons for the good prospects of growth of this market, whose biggest consumer is the European. We must highlight the profound transformation of this Spanish industry which, together with the incorporation of new technologies and varieties of almonds, is improving its yield, planting frames and crop techniques.

Dafisas hjemmeside: