New share issue completed

16.05.2018 kl 16:01

New share issue completed
Reference is made to the stock exchange report made on 4 May 2018 regarding the
annual general meeting's decision to authorization the board to resolve on a
directed share issue in a maximum amount of nine (9) shares, in order to be able
to complete the upcoming aggregation of shares without having to withdraw
existing shares.
The Board of Directors of Axactor AB (publ) has today decided on a directed
share issue in an amount of one (1) new share in accordance with below.
The Company's share capital will be increased from EUR 80,841,717.83 to EUR
80,841,717.88, consisting of 1,544,481,019 shares, each with a nominal value of
EUR 0.05234, after the new share has been registered with the Swedish Companies
Registration Office. The subscription price amounted to NOK 2.82 which
corresponded to the closing rate for the shares on Oslo Børs as of May 15, 2018.
The new share has been duly subscribed for and fully payed by the existing
shareholder Carl Christian Wahl. The new share will be registered with the
Swedish Companies Registration Office within shortly.
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