AEGA - Salg av solparker er fullført!

Da kom bekreftelsen på at salget av solparkene på 7,8MWp er gjennomført.

Aega sitter igjen med 9,41 mEuro, eller 1,92 kroner aksjen etter salget.

Selskapet har meldt i Q1 rapporten at de foretar due dilligence av to solparker på 1MWp og at de har en solpark på 10MWp nært forestående.
Ref Q1 19 rapport:.
"At the present Aega has started due diligence on two
1 MWp solar parks and have another 10MWp in immediate pipeline"

Børsmelding igår:

Completion of quota sale
Aega ASA has today completed the sale of quotas of its Italian subsidiaries to Italia T1 Roncolo S.r.l, a subsidiary of Mareccio Energia. The transaction is further described in stock notices on 9 May 2019, 24 May 2019 and 12 July 2019.

The total enterprise value as of the cut off date (30 June 2018) was EUR 22.6 million and an equity value of EUR 10.6 million. Since 30 June 2018 Aega ASA has taken out more than EUR 0.6 million in dividends and shareholder loan repayments. Due to these payments and other adjustments in the agreement, Aega consideration is EUR 9.96 million where EUR 550 000 of the consideration will be paid into escrow mainly related to a specific tax issue.

Aega will financially record the transaction in its 3Q report, however, it will be given a more detailed overview already in the Q2 report and the report will also contain further details about future plans.

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