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Seadrill completes hat-trick of drillship contracts

July 22nd, 2019 Grant Rowles Grant Rowles Asia, Europe, Offshore 0 comments

Seadrill Partners has secured a contract for the 2008-built drillship West Polaris in Southern Asia.

The contract is for one year and valued at around $72m. It will commence around the first quarter of 2020, after the vessel completes a contract in Gabon as announced a few days ago.

In additional to the two West Polaris contracts, parent company Seadrill Limited also announced a contract for 2010-built drillship West Gemini off West Africa.

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Tuja. Jeg synes dine innlegg ofte er fornuftige. Herlig link du nå sendte. Du har lenge ment at et pip, ville sende aksjen rett opp. Det skjedde ikke forrige uke. Nå er det nok et pip. Tanker for neste uke?