To the Brokers !

Sometimes you have to choose to call attention to these brokers when you pass your hand to far, I have been in this business for many years but I have never seen something like they do here ... There are limits boys and also we are not all blind! Let's go and stop the suffocation and let the instrument attract investors again, so we all win, you, us and the new investors so they can gain experience, we need liquidity again ! we are alone in here ! Don't you realize that ?
15.04.2019 kl 11:57 1563

I'm buying more shares in Archer ! I did a tour per Valhall IP, Aker BP and being talking to the Archer drilling in that platform, the guys are very optimists with the company and many of them start buying shares... All of them with years working in Archer one of then is very clever in the oil sector, he said to buy now because it is big what is coming soon... It looks like the money from DLS it is planed for something big... I believe in that gammel man, he is very respected for all in the oil sector and big investors ass well....
15.04.2019 kl 12:33 1520

The rumors are lit again in Neuquén! Apparently Archer "DLS" is negotiating to unite in partnership with the Argentine giant San Antonio that was acquired by the Texas Lona Star fund ... Apparently what is coming for the area is a huge injection of money for the opening of new oil wells in the area .... Archer has a bright future if he achieves society instead of selling the equipment that would also trigger the price of the stock .... The truth is that while we are close to great news, the broker that is in charge of lowering the price of the company, is working full time and investors have already realized what they are doing here ... It only remains to have patience and not be overcome by this ruthless speculation when we are already point of a long and forceful rally in this company ....
15.04.2019 kl 16:12 1456

You have to be blind to not realize that here there is a constant repurchase manipulated by a cycle of shares by the same broker ... In the end there is always a rebound with profit takings ... How easy this manipulation makes investors forget that DLS is being negotiated in about 100 of the largest
15.04.2019 kl 16:34 1448

It is easy to confuse the newbies by lowering the price when they still do not understand that when the price goes down it is because the broker is behind buying! And then we see comments like asking questions because the price is going down if the oil is expensive and the company at its best! But there are many who remain trying to understand while the bidder fills up with cheap positions and then sell them in the next rally ... I never buy shares when the price goes up slowly! I buy as now because it is evident the clear manipulation of the buyer and we must stick to the buying also during his cycling ... Only so I won in these companies controlled by heavy hands ...
16.04.2019 kl 09:55 1348

Purchase Iceberg !!!! Aware it's coming soon....
16.04.2019 kl 10:02 1333

You have been saying this for months Ruperto. Just nonsense my friend
17.04.2019 kl 09:25 1256

Until 1:00 p.m. we have a chance to buy before Easter ... The oil in via to $ 80 a barrel and the shares up ... DLS news after eastem...
17.04.2019 kl 09:43 1237

In 6Kr should be closing the price today
17.04.2019 kl 10:23 1203

After the last rumors, it looks like Archer is negotiating to keep DLS as it is due a huge oil BOOM ! that the Argentina government has initiated... Yesterday new news was released about a new offshore contract to many americans company to explorer in offshore... Archer has a potencial to be part in those incoming drilling... All this shares rebuying during a wild price manipulation has a reason behind that... The opportunity to buy is now, all the short sellers are oversold while a reduced number of investors we are overbought ....
17.04.2019 kl 11:02 1161

Of course it is good! Equinor would contract Archer for its operations ... Archer has a giant base in Argentina where it stores drilling equipment, they have all the logistics ready to offer the services ... This is the reason they are negotiating not to sell DLS. .. But as we have talked about it before, sell or not sell DLS, Archer now if you are a company with a bright future with all those new fields that start the exploration and drilling tasks ... It has brilliant times for Archer .. ..
17.04.2019 kl 11:08 1151

Did you notice the drop that happened a few minutes ago? That is a manipulation for the price to fall and the broker buys all the stop loses in the descent! Then we see that the price picks up immediately! I remind you that this is a golden opportunity to buy as soon as it falls or do as I do to have small but numerous orders so that when the broker launches the play, I fill orders and get benefits immediately .... I have taken money from these manipulators as they can not imagine, that is why I do not care what they do with the price because I am always taking advantage of their manipulation .... I want the most novices to analyze the graphs well and detect the repetitive patterns and start working on them .... The price of the action is very low and we have to stimulate the price to attract investors ...
17.04.2019 kl 11:27 1138

Oil surpassed the $ 72 barrel barrier ...

Hope the prices is stabile through the easter
17.04.2019 kl 11:44 1126

The market closes at 1:00 pm ... They buy their shares because from here to Wednesday of next week we can open very, very high ...

Oslo børs opens tuesday NeXT week, sky high :)
23.04.2019 kl 00:38 981

I hope everyone had a good Easter and they agreed to give thanks to the supreme for the successes obtained in recent months .... We are at a very exciting few hours, according to the CEOs of companies such as Halliburton and others of the service of Fracking, apparently this 2019 will have a decrease in this activity boosting oil prices and the awakening of other operators in the field of drilling in land as well as offshore ... Investors are already on the table the next companies to stimulate. .. Countries like Argentina, Colombia, Guyana, Brazil, Norway, and Saudi Arabia, will be greatly benefited by the reduction of the US offer and the sanctions against Iran and Venezuela! The demand began to be felt while the reserves of the United States are unburned! Oil today closed at $ 74.24 a barrel making new memories after several months ... Gentlemen do not believe in pessimistic tales while the big investors have already bought ARCHER shares for months in account drops ... The price of the stock is going to shoot higher than many here think and we are closer to that happening! The secrecy about DLS continues and there are strong rumors that ARCHER is looking for an alliance with Lone Star to take part in that monopoly-flavored cake that they have planned for a long time ... Well, gentlemen here what is expected is tango , champagne And there are many of us who have ignored the constant manipulation and we are going to show them ....

Hopefully we got some great news this week. Looking forward to the opening tommorpw

Good morning, Ruperto!
Hope you had a good Easter too :)

Exciting Archer-times ahead :)
23.04.2019 kl 09:30 835

Yes ! Thank you....

From now on our line of purchase is located over of the MA20! This will be a very pleasant trip ....
Redigert 23.04.2019 kl 09:31 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.04.2019 kl 09:37 823

I have canceled all my future sales orders to empty the order book! And I have placed more orders behind the price, so I assure to buy if the manipulation is present trying to make a wipe off of the unfortunate fans of the stop loses .... The stock has a clear course and is about to respond as the Most of us are waiting ...
23.04.2019 kl 09:52 799

Let's all navigate the wave of the MA20! If you do not have it, you should add it to your graphs from now Moving average 20 ... The action in this uptrend will be bought with force every time you approach the MA20 ... Beware of the Stop Loses because the manipulators will be in order but with ever less effectiveness due to the oil rally and new investors in search of cheap opportunity shares like this one is ....
23.04.2019 kl 10:01 781

Gift from brokers for new investors! Everything below the MA20 is a gift from the brokers that the old investors still do not see ...
23.04.2019 kl 10:37 753

Do you remember that I told you? Already the speculator managed to make at least 3 wipe of the stop loses, this is a sign that the price will rise soon ... The thirst to acquire shares at low prices is wild but absolutely controllable with the good preparation of the investors .... It is hard to think that there may be someone who still sell at the moment we will have an oil over $ 80 in the next few weeks and a spectacular position that the company has at the moment ...
23.04.2019 kl 14:21 707

What I have been saying to you! Buy, fill up with actions that here is a terrible manipulation for everyone to sell cheap! Uffffff ++++++++++++ I'm going full of Archer Shares that I can't walk, ,,,
23.04.2019 kl 14:28 692

Still thinking ? 5 Years contract for drilling in UK... DLS come with a huge deal ! QES making more money than never .... I can see how the manipulation can hurt the investors when has the money over the table but still can't see it ...
23.04.2019 kl 15:24 662

Pride of myself to never sell you an share to these bandits! Averaging in pyramid from 7 Kr to the downside doubling and tripling the investment now I only see green numbers! I'm sorry for what they never heard and they sold like losers, because I do not speak the Norwegian but I'm not distrustful! I was never wrong with what they were doing and what I should do ... But good the there is still a chance that they can recover your losses if you enter now, but willing to average if the banditry continues ...
Redigert 23.04.2019 kl 15:27 Du må logge inn for å svare

What type of banditry?
23.04.2019 kl 16:40 615

It is not long before the obvious reacts same as the improper to cease! People want to invest, we do not want to see 3 meters walls posted in the order book to keep the price in place, while playing to the fatigue of the investors! I think that is enough and markets must flow to supply and demand without being forced or manipulated reality .... Hopefully with the increase in volume the unpleasant surprises stop and people think that Archer is a good company for invest .... If the especulators expect the company to remain only in a few hands, then they should not quote in the markets ... It's that simple!
24.04.2019 kl 09:23 521

Making a new support line over 6Kr ! All under this line is a buy order ready to buy to the manipulation... Archer should be over 10 Kr in a few days....
24.04.2019 kl 09:49 491

Great opportunity to buy in a very manipulated drop ! is not any reason to sell when the company is making good revenue ! DLS is the trigger to end with the wild price manipulation....

Ruperto, are you insane or simply a troll?

thepower: Hva er problemet ditt? Det er jo bare å la være og følge tråden hans viss du ikke synes noe om det. Og er du uenig i hans påstander, så kom gjerne med dine faglige argumenter. Ellers, så er det er vel du som til nå er trollet i dette tilfellet....
24.04.2019 kl 10:05 491

Insane is to make believe that a company has to drop in it's price when all the fundamentals saying other history ! if your problem is that you sold out all your Archer shares now you don't have another option to assume your losses and buy back so you don't lose the train ! I'm sorry but I think the troll is you !!!!

Little Wolf. I dont understand his posts as they are just riddles and nonsense.

When the sheep is at the door and the manipulation is in the back way only then can the cross of the wednesday move into the black hand and move towards non intrusive manipulation.

That, my wolf friend, is my problem.
Redigert 24.04.2019 kl 10:08 Du må logge inn for å svare
24.04.2019 kl 10:08 488

Det er jo hans tråd.......
Hadde bare alle gjort som han, lage sin egen tråd og poste det han ønsker, så kan de som ønsker det gå inn og diskutere hans synspunkter, da kan han poste 700 pr dag om han vil.
Om han selv ønsker det så kan han gå inn i andres tråder å diskutere problemstillinger saklig og ryddig.
Det er de som går inn i ANDRES tråder og spamer edel og galle som er problemet.

Trådstarter eier tråden, ett eksempel til etterfølgelse.

24.04.2019 kl 10:29 465

What is true is that I tell you the truths! If I hurt the party, there are young dreamers hungry for investing guided by fundamental analysis, news, studies and it's not fair that once they allocate their savings to invest their money they are fighting with a group of dinosaurs lined with a lot of money to manipulate the price at your convenience! Those boys and others not so young have the right to at least be prepared to face them! I've been making a lot of money with Archer averaging down and increasing my bets against manipulation! That the brokers do not like, much less if the rest of the population follow the steps ... The company is ridiculously devalued while highly manipulated in trading with the use of layering! I will apologize no one puts a giant sale order to intimidate the public when the oil goes up at record prices and the company winning contracts !!!!! With this they only manage to damage the market, but I should not be spending my time taking care of what is the responsibility of others, but people have the right to be informed ....
24.04.2019 kl 11:07 442

This is the reason why Lone Star could partner with ARCHER and share the work with DLS in Argentina! The project they have just started in Argentina is gigantic but it was not well seen that only one firm had a monopoly of all the drilling rigs if they buy DLS too ... The truth is that for us investors either of the two things that happen They are in our favor, I am one of those who vote for the permanence of DLS in Argentina! Remember that Argentina has just come out of a corrupt regime that destroyed the economy of that country, but the current president raised in the middle of business has acquired large sums of money and one of the ways to get the necessary income will be the exploitation of the giant shale field ... In addition to that field, Argentina started the offshore works giving another great possibility that Archer obtains new contracts in that country ...

I believe its important to continue in Argentina. The potensial is giant
24.04.2019 kl 11:49 413

Yes it is ! and no only Argentina, is many countries around that make a strategic importance to keep one feet in South America
24.04.2019 kl 11:50 417

I think it is better that the volume continues to grow slowly while investors are gaining confidence! A drastic increase would awaken the volatility spoiling the market again ... Hopefully the sellers will be smarter so that when they want to collect profits they only do it to the rises that way I am sure the volume will return and we will all win in a natural and just way to the market....
24.04.2019 kl 12:30 385

There it go ! Hold and patience is our best allied !
24.04.2019 kl 12:50 368

I had the feeling now that it is very quiet before the storm! A storm most of us is looking forward to!
Redigert 24.04.2019 kl 12:51 Du må logge inn for å svare
24.04.2019 kl 13:57 335

Hold your positions that the use of walls does not intimidate you! What I'm looking forward to once and for all is going to happen with DLS, should not continue with the retaining walls ....