To the Brokers !

Sometimes you have to choose to call attention to these brokers when you pass your hand to far, I have been in this business for many years but I have never seen something like they do here ... There are limits boys and also we are not all blind! Let's go and stop the suffocation and let the instrument attract investors again, so we all win, you, us and the new investors so they can gain experience, we need liquidity again ! we are alone in here ! Don't you realize that ?
26.03.2019 kl 11:20 5376

Only 49 trades made since the opening of the market today ! Is this fair ? Fundamentals highlighting, oil in maxima, DLS negotiating with one of the largest funds in the US, unstoppable QES with the new units of Coil tubing that also activate other services related to this activity such as coil tools, pumping and chemicals used in each operation ...
26.03.2019 kl 11:39 5327

I will like to share every trick to detect the manipulation and explain every technical alarm in real time but I will not be here waiting alone without comments ! Depend of you ....
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26.03.2019 kl 12:04 5286

You have me following you, Ruperto! Please continue your good work. Candles and TA is very interesting. And you were right yesterday about today(so far). So i'd like you to go on.
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26.03.2019 kl 12:29 5240

Thank you very much Trj89 for your comments, thanks for your interest, I am very worried not for my actions that I have here since 2016 but I see with anguish how the stock market is destroyed by the excessive speculations ... I have realized that companies As Archer are under the control of a few brokers who have kidnapped her for their own interests, that is not fair and I have also realized that the only way to get benefits to this investment is to monitor each of their steps ... Your steps have become more important to follow that the fundamental or historical technical analysis ... The best is the daily technical analysis in real time grouping certain indicators that increase the probability of detecting the steps of these predators ... Thank you, and of course I do not have the Holy Grail in my hands, but I have years in this and I know how to detect most movements ...
26.03.2019 kl 12:32 5229

Keep up the good work :)
Manipulation is real. Even large investors have expressed their concern about the use of algoritms. And if the way algoritms work is not manipulation, I do not know what is!
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26.03.2019 kl 12:54 5193

Thanks Lileulv ;)
26.03.2019 kl 12:54 5185

To start off with a good footing, we have to know how to identify when the public enters or leaves and when an institutional broker comes in to not be deceived! The broker has as a fundamental rule enter the market without being detected, but in view that the volume of Archer has been so reduced that practically the broker is moving alone as a hungry snake in a box with no exit waiting for rodents to fall, I can see all his movement ... Notice in the intraday chart that he is more active when we expect to improve in the market, there are more investors ... So the best we can do is to here and make noise so they can be under control and accept that they are manipulating the price! When we are surprised that the action does the opposite of what we expect is because they are there doing their speculations ... One way to end that is how tired I am to say it, if the indicators, oil, Oslo index, MA, volume , everyone is in our favor, buy each time they sell with those red candles that usually come almost accompanied by a sign that says I am again ... Also of course we can sell when we want to obtain our benefits but never when they impose that !!!!
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26.03.2019 kl 13:09 5151

First of all my friends I want that we use two graphs to monitor the MA20 and the MA200 and to know if the instrument is up or down! A graph of 6 months and another intraday! In the 6 months we are going to observe the trend of the MA20 from the moment it stopped going downhill, for Archer it happened exactly on January 18 of this year, since then we are bulls ... Now with the intraday graphic we are going to be monitoring when the curve of the MA20 crosses and goes above the MA200! When that happens and we stay on the MA200 forget about the rumors and the manipulations because we are on the right track ... Go and take what then continue with more ...
26.03.2019 kl 13:23 5113

Dear brokers or you stop manipulating and back to liquidity the market or all your robots will be obsolete in a few weeks after the investor learn how to detect you... You decide !
26.03.2019 kl 13:24 5107

Order Book! Here is where you can see the manipulator intention! Here you can differents scenarios... First if we have good news or all indicators are pointing to a rally and you found in the Sell or Offer side a huge orange or red bar with a small amount of orders... Then the manipulator is there trying to avoid that the price go up and they lost all the shares they have being using to manipulate you every time they sell when they should not ! In that time lets to buy at market order their shares and you will se how they will not have more options than move from there ! I quite sure they will do after saw many times especially when the instrument are ready for a rally....
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26.03.2019 kl 13:35 5075

Use the 2 minute chart to differentiate the professional investor from the public! The public takes several consecutive steps when the purchase when he sells and can be seen in the bars of one or two minutes, the institutional moves with lonely long bars ....
26.03.2019 kl 13:39 5061

This strategy is happening with quite a few companies listed on OSE these days. Making smaller investors really tired....
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26.03.2019 kl 13:55 5028

Going back to work, what's going to happen now, why does not Archer move? In these moments the action is in a neutral position, the advance acquired until now should not be at risk because the benefits obtained last week were withdrawn and the drop of the opening yesterday was already recovered so I do not think we are neither overbought or oversold, we can see it in the RSI which is in 55 intermediate position ... The oil continues to gain positions and should be in the 70 this week, Oslo Index is recovering, the price of the action is devalued, we expect news of a great negotiation that if it happens or not both are positive ... I think we should at least mount purchase orders to fill positions on the purchase side of the order book and so at least give another impression to this book controlled by two or 4 powerful ... We are in an uptrend, sooner or later if we stimulate action and the institutional take conscience we should be recovering positions ....
26.03.2019 kl 14:07 5006

Well at least we started to increase the number of transactions today exceeding your friend DOF ... 76 transactions, hopefully we can be over 250 for this weekend would be great for everyone ...
26.03.2019 kl 14:57 4953

The MA 20 exceeded the MA200 but we still have low activity! That's what I mean, we need the public to trust Archer again ... it will be nice ...
26.03.2019 kl 15:47 4914

Well, there's nothing else to do but reactivate the action by investing ourselves without fear that the value will be manipulated, I do not think they will go that far when it seems that people are all in the same loop ...
26.03.2019 kl 15:51 4898

Very Good, someone bought at market price ! That's a good sign, as more people buy the market this will take more action ...
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Innlegget er slettet av Ruperto
26.03.2019 kl 17:28 4798

Whats your over all opinion of the day?
26.03.2019 kl 20:10 4696

Although the volume was the lowest since January 15, the price managed to rise 1.78% ... I think the price will continue to rise even with its ups and downs but the important thing is that we had a change in trend dede January and despite the volatility the trend continues with the arrival of good news ... The biggest problem is that we are left alone and when we see large movements unfortunately in the absence of investors, that's why we see in those rallies and then deflates. .. I think it is key to continue monitoring the number of hirings per day or what is equal the volume of shares, as this increase would be the best indicator that the action is detoxifying and attracting investors ... But we have to be all vigilant and give the counterpart to the "manipulation" when it is obvious that something completely contrary to what everyone is waiting and we see with the flash positions in the orderbook, entering buying with force or selling depending on the case always going against the manipulation if the data is in our favor ....
26.03.2019 kl 20:30 4669

There is something important that you have to take very careful, I call the excuses! Every time an isolated event occurs to what is Archer and his current business, these great manipulators appear to throw the price down ... That is the moment where we must enter buying two or three times if we are sure that the news have nothing to do with the financial health of the company, when you resume your position you will have a large number of extra actions that you can either keep or sell in the rallies, it is up to each person to decide ...
26.03.2019 kl 20:45 4639

The stock market resembles a football game! Every day Archer has a football game of green shirts against red shirts! Our job is to detect which of the two teams carries the ball! If we see more quantities in numbers of shirts of the same color, that is the team that takes the ball and has control! But if we see in the graphics more green shirts than red, but among the red appears from time to time a big red shirt, that big red shirt sure to be an institutional investor who is sabotaging the game in order to change the results and almost always get it when we leave our team alone! In conclusion if we see which team carries the ball we support that team and give the counterpart to that saboteur ...
26.03.2019 kl 21:10 4599

Ah that is true ! But remember do not put all the eggs in the same basket ! I invest in 6 company with different applications... NEL is my best one, all the profits I get in there I invest in Archer and DOF, I do since I have shares from 2016 in Norway, price was a bit higher than now so I reduce the average price when I buy at lower price, most of my shares has been bought at 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5 with 6 Kr I start making profits ...
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26.03.2019 kl 21:24 4576

Hi believe is better to have more quantity than quality in this kind of company ! I mean is better to keep as much shares now that is cheap not matter is the price is low or somebody attempt to reduce de price in the end this is not Bitcoin ! Archer has assets, have buildings, around 80 Rigs, workovers, wirelines units, hydraulics mobiles, platforms, Pumps units, 40% of QES, tools, technologies, patents............................. Really do you thing am I worry ? No way ! I know that my money is exponentiality growing in here even if i don't see the results now ! They will come... The best come after everybody left the party....
26.03.2019 kl 21:25 4568

You have a few years behind! Thats why i'd like you to keep on writing. I began last october. On scratch ! Right now i only have two baskets, with two eggs in each. Dont mind if they crack though, but with patience i dont think so!
26.03.2019 kl 21:41 4541

That is why I get angry with the manipulation in here ! In USA was the same years ago ! Algorithmics robots everywhere, short selling with leverages, people teaching and promoted to do that and see how they destroyed the economy no only in USA, all over the world but now is not the same, there are controls, it is not allowed to to short in every company, manipulation and the speculation are punished in USA ... So when I see company with a great future being manipulate and when you talk around friends everybody can see it the same then that is not good ! That affect you and new investors... if you don't have over million of krones invested is no possible survive due the constante wipe off to the young people portafolios... Some time I tell to my wife that I think the people run out of money in Norway in a few years due it looks like only the brokers and banks are doing trading so I feel I'm trading against them but again du that such manipulation that we are getting short of investors , the investors population is critical low.....
26.03.2019 kl 21:56 4516

The companies of the salmon fell while those of the petroleum and technology rose giving a clear signal that the cycles are changing and this entering our turn ....
26.03.2019 kl 22:07 4484

Well the market is not for everybody. Study, timing and patience is the key in my opinion.

Well lets hope nasdaq buy Oslo børs. That could change a few things.
26.03.2019 kl 22:39 4441

Courage, mate! I also started with very little, I lost a lot at the beginning but as I learned how to invest little by little the money you do not have to pay debts, rent or food ... Increase your margin of safety and invest cheaper than you think that is cheap and sells much more expensive than you think was the correct value ....
26.03.2019 kl 22:47 4418

I like to thank you for the information you shared today, and look forward for more great information within TA tomorrow. I've learned a lot today! Keep this thread busy! 😁
27.03.2019 kl 00:01 4341

It is not easy but it is simple ! Thanks Rakettrally...
27.03.2019 kl 08:41 4204

Good morning! In this half hour we should start to configure our purchase orders in the order book, so that we are the ones who decide the expected price and not the broker... Yesterday we close with a tail candle after a long tail candle before yesterday if the Oslo index is with us we should have a good advance today
27.03.2019 kl 09:09 4156

Purchase intent is still growing, but we are still very few fighting against the broker, we need liquidity ... We hope that this enters sanity!
27.03.2019 kl 09:58 4105

The uptrend is proven in the 3 month chart! If brokers fail to stop the trend with few investors, can you imagine when people begin to realize that there was a wild buildup here before prices soar ...? The small investors stopped sucking the finger a long time ago ... There is no harm that lasts 100 years, we are closer ...
27.03.2019 kl 10:32 4085

The firm mobilised 400 employees for the four additional active platforms awarded: Gullfaks A, B and C as well as Grane. But two UK platforms wound down during Q4 2018 and will provide “minimal revenue going forward” until permanently de-commissioned. Archer’s land drilling business improved its operating performance in the fourth quarter.
And Q4 well services revenue was up 38%, which Archer put down to “new product developments, advanced technologies and broader service offerings, combined with improved market conditions”.
27.03.2019 kl 11:00 4071

A quick analysis of the situation in Archer stock, here the action shows a clear intention of purchase with a shortage of liquidity in terms of private investors, apparently the broker under a little pressure but very little to achieve a strong takeoff that attracts to investors ... So we will continue to wait awkward and boring until either the brokers enter buying and activate the action or wait for the news of the new manager who is about to arrive ... This news can raise and activate the lost liquidity , apparently it seems that he is a former successful manager of the Schlumberger! Do not believe me but it is what is rumored by the corridors ... You should place purchase orders at a future price in case the value skyrockets ... I'm over bought but as I comment I'm not interested in doing intraday here, I I can wait while I work other actions with greater liquidity ...
27.03.2019 kl 11:31 4054

See as an opportunity those who still have enough cash to buy each time the broker uses the Oslo Index's excuse to sweep minority shareholders ... The Oslo index leaves signals too and if they have realized this is very close to a very important support line, once bounce all these companies whose brokers have been manipulating the price to the downside, they will enter buying and it is exactly the point that I want everyone here to understand! It is not easy but it is very simple! Forget that if it were easy they would not be so rich because they would have to share the money with so many winning shareholders ... Once again, here the one who manages to buy more shares wins when they are forced to lower their price ...
27.03.2019 kl 13:39 3991

It may not continue in this forum! The pressure and the discrimination exceeded the limits this time in DOF! You can not survive if you take the opposite to those who think differently ... If the administrator blocks me at the request of that group of people that many of us we already know ... I want to give you my most honest appreciation for all, especially you guys who are showing desperate for the constant unfair manipulations of the prices of some stocks ... Keep on going! And believe in what you see and not in what they tell you! Realize their own research and if a company gives the signs that its price should be higher, it is probably you are right and another hand handled by a broker and you must adapt with or fight against ... A pleasure and good follow here if they leave me continuo, what can I say ... It will not be the first or the last to be discriminated against, thank you very much to everyone and excuse me for my English and Norwegian ... I love you guys very much and you will achieve it, I am sure of that. ..
Redigert 27.03.2019 kl 13:45 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.03.2019 kl 15:23 3933

Please continue!
Don't let the few, who does not see what you are doing, win. If they where actually reading what you are writing, without preconceptions, maybe they could have learned something too :)
27.03.2019 kl 15:39 3916

Thank you friend and I appreciate your interest, I do not feel very well but of course I will continue as far as I can! One day I was disconnected from the forum and it is difficult to contact all of you, that is why the last post ... Let me see what is happening with the action today .... Greetings ...
27.03.2019 kl 15:53 3903

The situation with Archer is the low investors participation! The instrument is not in control of the public is more than evident that it is controlled by a broker ... We can see in the graphics of two minutes a solid bar up another down without push and without resistance, you can see that neither tail leaves in any of the candles ... What we can do is wait, the company of course is devalued in its price and what I am doing is buying every time it has a considerable fall to accumulate more shares ... There is something that we have to think, the price can not be low for ever due the following reason, there are many people who have been selling assuming losses but there is also someone who is very comfortable buying them, when the number of shares that were distributed in many people it is reduced in less hands "the hands behind this downside" it will be ready for let the price rise in relation to the quarterly progress, in that time news will come, analysis s technicians specialized firms and much more information from management ... This has always worked like this for many years ...
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27.03.2019 kl 16:23 3872

Ruperto. You have no clue. Sorry.

You know as little about the future.pricing of archer as I do. If it was mo ey on the streets people would be all over it. They are not.
27.03.2019 kl 16:48 3852

I do not predict the future and of course I do not know it but I do see what is happening in real time! Only 167 numbers of trades today, massive walls of contention in the order book that flash from one side to another all together as it were a Christmas tree in the middle of desert alone and devastated in the hands of a single trader where there is only one just trade for every 2.69 min! I can not see the future but if I see what they do and the results they will give ... I do not have 3 years in this, I have a very high level of success ... But I can see how the Norwegian market is taking out off control, we lost small investors day to day ...
Redigert 27.03.2019 kl 16:54 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.03.2019 kl 16:52 3837

Norwegian Børs is the most corrupt in the world. We all know that. Archer has massive debt. It scares small investors

Just relax and wait for 18 months. Then you'll see different pricing altogether. Unless you are planning in g on trading the swings? If you are not looking to trade than just relax. Why write 30 posts a day about the trading patterns. We know what they are. What can you do about it? Nothing
Redigert 27.03.2019 kl 16:53 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.03.2019 kl 17:10 3820

18 months ? No way ! now is me that I believe that you are the one who does not have clue of what is happening ... Archer is oversold from the public and that is way we don't see it selling or buying, they disappear " Wiped off like their positions " , Archer is making money and I know that more clear than the other thing ... The take off is closer than many can think there are many millions of shares that have to be converted into money before the Hydrogen and other renewable resources replace the oil in probably 20 years. Archer's debt is insignificant for the business and the assets that have just in DLS Argentina ... These short sales players should know that they can lose more money manipulating a market empty than going with the market trend as most of the oil company have already done it... I'm sorry but you are wrong and you will see it very soon!
27.03.2019 kl 17:28 3805

The only way I would believe that the price will continue to fall is if I knew that its owners or the main investors were selling all their shares! But it's not like that ! The case is a strong manipulation and the Top owners do not sell off if it were them I think the Oslo stock exchange will send the notification as it is a obligation .... There are other institutions that are acquiring all those shares that the public has being selling for all this long period ! Why does they buy then? they like to collect them? Or because they know the value they represent and collect for the last moment ? I vote for the last one ! It is too evident...
27.03.2019 kl 19:04 3750

Ruperto, the oil service sector is still In the very early stages of a recovery. 2019 will only be slightly better than 2018.

2020 and 2021 is when the sector will start to flourish again and then you can talk about Archer being priced at 15 KR +. Not before, but that just my opinion.
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27.03.2019 kl 19:06 3747

Ruperto. The volume is low. For every sale there has to be a buyer right? So what us your point?

The question you should be asking is who is selling at these levels? The answer is small time speculators using money borrowed from the bank. When they dont make 50% in 3 days they panic and at the first sign of trouble they throw their cards.

Quite simple really
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