BWO - Kjøper Brasiliansk oljefelt

Børsmelding kom i dag om at BWO kjøper 100% sv Maromba-feltet utenfor kysten av Brasil.


BW Offshore is contemplating to enter into agreements to acquire 100% of the Maromba field offshore Brazil from the present owners Petrobras (70%) and Chevron (30%).
Closing of the acquisition is subject to board approvals and fulfilment or waiver of conditions precedents, including approval by The Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) to close the transaction and deem BW Offshore an approved operator in Brazil.
The Maromba field is located off the Brazilian coast in the Campos Basin in 160 metres of water depth, where BW Offshore has extensive operating experience.
The company will provide further information upon signing
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Hvem Kan! BWO Kan!

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BW Offshore: Acquisition of the last 30% stake in the Maromba field offshore Brazil

Unmatched EMINENTLY!

* Congratulations to all stakeholders *

Well well well we got a situation here…..
We got one mill stocks short!
Back in business, its all about money. Fuck the rest.

Its a clean bet against Thrump’s and BWO!
Thrump is in charge of the oilprice, he demands and the world follows.
Thrump is the tiger, he attachs from behind always; When you are relaxed, enjoying life; He attachs;
Knock you down and makes his day!
I’ll hope Melania or his mistresses makes him happy and relaxed, otherwise we’re all f…..

BWO Fleet:
* Improving market outlook driven by increased offshore spending.
* The higher oil price will continue to give extensions.
* BW Catcher: Agreed with Client to increase plateau production level to 66kbopd.

Today the oilflow from Dussafu is above 12kbbl/d
You don’t get the oil cheeper than at Dussafu. Well maybe in Saudi, but thats it!
Dussafu beats the rest, with a break even of $25/bbl.

Today Dussafu expected working % interest:
BWO: 47.67
BWO energy: 23.83.
The one and only his majesty mr. Carl K. Arnet : 1 (bows me in the dust)
Tullow: 10
Gabon oil: 10
Panoro: 7.5

After Tortue fase-2, finalized in Q4 2019, BWO (conservatively) expects an oil flow of 20kbbl/d in Q1 2020. BWO then slash down break even to fantastic $15/bbl.

Cashflow Dussafu Today and close to double up from Q1 2020 kicking ass big time!

Maromba Brasil:
The biggest Joker in play on OSE!
What do we have here! What is the calculations of profits!

* BWO says Capex of $3-$7/bbl + FPSO
- 2P reserver 140Mbbl + further upside =>1Gbbl(OIP ;))
- Opex ?, Today we don’t know; BWO knows and soon we all knows! Cheap? Yes, no questions about that.

The winning stock of 2019 has been found, it is undisputed BWO (or very close to ;)).
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Opp til 54 gaanske så fort nå, stakkars de som økte shorten i går. Håper de dekket i dag.

Nei, håper de må dekke i morgen på en mye høyere kurs. Shortere unnes ikke noe godt.