Dof mot 5 og 6 kr.!!

DOF 20.11.2018 kl 15:15 29114

Jeg er sjokert over at dof kunne falle SÅ langt ned, Tørr ikke kjøpe mer, kansje den er på 3,50 i morra.
Imidlertid kan det gå kort tid før dette snur og vi ser bedre tider. Det er vel bare å sitte rolig i båten til stormrn gir seg.
Redigert 21.11.2018 kl 00:03 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.11.2018 kl 12:07 1754

olja kollapser nå ! under 60$ snart... DOF skal langt ned ! hold dere unna! neste støtte ca 3,31kr
23.11.2018 kl 12:20 1729

Hold ! Do not fall in the manipulation.... Support line is in 4 Kr ... News are hot and can't wait so long ... Be patient and buy instead, is easy to see in the order book and in the fundamentals a clear intention to reduce the price... Hopefully the 98.5% of the shares has not being traded so means the big investors wait while the manipulator do his dirty job.... You can sell now all your shares ! You don't need to be here pushing to sell because is obvious how try to damage the market... Hopefully is no kids investing here !!!! Good look !
23.11.2018 kl 12:29 1709

DOF Subsea er snart "fullblods". I februar (antagelig) kommer den siste av de fire båtene som går på 8 års kontrakt for Petrobras i drift. Divisjonen med langtidsutleie av skip vil da trolig generere 350-400 i EBITDA per kvartal (1400-1600 MNOK årlig), og samtidig vil en hektisk 2019 vår, sommer og høst sesong være like om hjørnet, samtidig som DOF trolig har fått en hel del nye kontrakter, bla. for 2019 sesongen. Så her er det riktig mye å glede seg til. Jeg tror 2019 blir det store turnaround året for DOF og DOF Subsea.
23.11.2018 kl 12:32 1705

Before the Iran sanctions they was 100% in the market, Saudi Arabia down the production with Rusia around only 1.000.000 of bbl and the oi price went up more than 60% in few months, this with the Iran production... So is infantil to think that without Iran in the market , this will not change !!!! Trump has move all it's influence to avoid the others countries to produce oil while they are the exception ! It just a time to see this reverse when the saudi reduce 1.000.000 bbl again to see this in 100 $ easy ! You short sellers know how this dirty way to make money works... Create panic by speculation while fill you wallets for leter ... I hope no innocents kids has DOF shares... Smart is to hold and dissolve the manipulation honding and buying lower than you lower price ;) .... Be patient don't put more money in a wrong hands....
23.11.2018 kl 12:38 1689

2018 was the last bad days for DOF this is calculated and being taking all the precautions for 5 more years so 2019 is the take off year to have a progressive improve where is calculated to pay every loan and start getting only proffit.... Many people is not conform to make 100 or 150% profits they want 1000 % no matter how many small investors need to roll over .... You can sell now and go to other instrument ! it is obvious you bad intention of manipulate in here... ;)
Redigert 23.11.2018 kl 12:40 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.11.2018 kl 12:47 1668

23/11-2018 12:43:59: (DOF) Contract Skandi Aukra
23.11.2018 kl 12:48 1663

Ny langsiktig kontrakt, 2 år, nå er det ting på gang i DOF.

23/11-2018 12:43:59: (DOF) Contract Skandi Aukra

DOF have been awarded a contract by Asco Marine Ltd for the vessel Skandi Aukra.
The contract is for a period of 2 years firm and will commence in December 2018.

For further information, please contact:

Mons S. Aase, CEO, Tel: +47 91 66 10 12

Hilde Drønen, CFO, Tel.: +47 91 66 10 09
23.11.2018 kl 12:49 1659

Do not sell at any price ! and instead set buy orders lower of the manipulated price just behind their orders... In that way they will stop !!!
23.11.2018 kl 12:50 1650

More contracts 72 % in use or more ?
23.11.2018 kl 12:51 1658

But there are more !!! Giving by spoon like feeding a baby ?
23.11.2018 kl 12:57 1648

tror det er mye kontrakter som ligger ute der, 12 term kontrakter ligger ute for PSV på, den DOF fikk nå lå ikke inne der, det er sikkert mange som ikke ligger der.
23.11.2018 kl 13:00 1640

23.11.2018 kl 13:31 1557

The only risk that affect DOF investors, is a chain of manipulators that seat the whole day manipulate and trying to create panic while they keep Tons of shares in this company !!!! It is not necessary to have common sense to realise when somebody is manipulating the market... Just to see a person saying that the stock will down 1 kr but DOESN'T SELL ? So what is their intention to do that ? Sell off and stop it ! Go and have life ! You sell now and you don't need to wait until be in 1 kr as you supposed that is going to happen !!!!! So this is not the only company where I detect those practices and it should be a control of that ! So ok now DOF have one more vessel under contract and we still are with the lower price in the history due those people !!!! So what we can do ? First do not let to be manipulated, read the fundamental and understand what is happening now and why.....
Redigert 23.11.2018 kl 13:32 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.11.2018 kl 13:37 1555

Mange lader sig påvirke af den lave oliepris og det er en fejl. Olieprisen kommer op igen og tilbageslaget kan blive voldsom. Markedet er bedre i år end sidste år og man har påregnet nogle svære år, så i forhold til planen er alt ok.
23.11.2018 kl 13:51 1529

Agree with you Danm ! But we need more collaboration of all participant in this forum to avoid a constant manipulation to create panic and everybody found out why the administration let to go so far !!!! The administration don't take it's time to inform even with a contract almost secure it ! the can say for instance : We come with a good news referred to this new contract but they didn't the wait to the victim get bled off to take to the hospital.... Sincerely
23.11.2018 kl 13:55 1516

So what is the next step after they let to the people run away in panic ? Hey folk kommer tilbake vi har gratis coffee, cake and chocolate for all our investors kommer igen Vi gjort veldig bra !!!!
23.11.2018 kl 13:55 1519

etter info om en ny kontakt gikk kursen litt opp og tilbake igjen... for en shit aksje! ingenting hjelpe her nå... bare ny Emi som sikker kommer! idag bare 1 av 5 offshore rederiene tjener penger! resten går med stor tap og brenner penger i høyt tempo! neste uke DOF går langt under 4kr! på det tekniske er 3,55kr først og neste viktig støtte ca. 3,3kr... stakkars de som sitter her fast og fra og med 2 uker skriver her på forumet at det blir bedre snart og kursen g[r mye opp... men det er sånn med amatører :) Før det blir bedre i DOF må være verre først...
23.11.2018 kl 14:17 1459

DOF is making a solid foundation despite a huge manipulation approached to USA experiment ! Iran sanctions started this month the OPEP is going to reduce their production to 1.000.000 bbl or even more if is necessary.... These two importants facts will impulse the oil price higher than the las 80$ peak considering that the support line is 30 $ higher to the lasted support line.... The world is clear they will not bend over to Mr Trump, OPEP is clear and they will respond... Be patient....
23.11.2018 kl 14:30 1438

I just checked the log list ! Those that being trying to manipulating the market in a low direction did some low purchases around 3.810 Kr earlier today so it is probably they will try to manipulate selling at lower price 4 or 3.9 Kr to siems that the market is bear again but it is false ! ... DOF start it's bullish trend and depend of investors to stop such manipulation... You investors knows already what to do when that is happen ! ;)
Redigert 23.11.2018 kl 14:30 Du må logge inn for å svare

Ta deg råd til et engelsk-kurs du.
23.11.2018 kl 14:37 1429

gutter ser dere på olje nå! brøtt 60$ på stor volum !!! det kan være siste sjanse å selge DOF aksjer... neste uke det blir en masakre !
23.11.2018 kl 14:46 1419

I use my phone and change letters... I'm sorry for that ! I'm American ;)
23.11.2018 kl 14:46 1445

Det går opp og ned her i verden... Og det vil vel olja gjøre også. Har ikke troen på at den skal bli værende under $65 over tid. Hverken Saudi Arabia eller Russland er vel interessert i det. Saudiene fikk jo bekreftet av Trump at de kan gjøre som de vil her om dagen, de fikk jo til og med litt gratis statspropaganda på kjøpet.
23.11.2018 kl 14:54 1418

Manipulators try what I told you ! time to buy and set orders lower than the lower price to avoid the manipulation !
23.11.2018 kl 14:59 1399

Hahahah they tried to do the manipulation but they are so bad manipulators that went 0.100 Kr over their purshed price .... Hopefully I'm don't use to take money from the people in that manner but if i want to do that those boys will lose a lot money... I don't understand how people can't see it is so cheeky....
23.11.2018 kl 15:13 1371

We are about the support line and so closer to the oil turn back ! While writing in here managed to purchased very cheap shares ;)
23.11.2018 kl 15:20 1350

Around 2% dropped the Oslo Børs Index while DOF being over the positive line, this has been a good hit to the speculation !!! DOF has a solid foundation and ready for continuo it's trend up ... Success to all of the good will ;)
23.11.2018 kl 15:27 1333

4 kr is a price that will never back again in years .... So whose purchased a this price can sleep in peace and seat in here for years in a up trend even if the manipulation take over .... This is absolutely fantastic price for a company as DOF, new vessels, ROV, contracts, logistic and technology... Seriously...
23.11.2018 kl 15:28 1332

kanskje litt mye mescal på morrakvisten
23.11.2018 kl 15:38 1306

Uhhhhh a bullish abandoned baby pattern appears at the low of the downtrend !!!! Interesting Rally on Monday ?
23.11.2018 kl 15:40 1308

A bit more down to get some more shares please ! It can be my last chance to take the wagon full ....!!!!!
23.11.2018 kl 15:45 1295

I will put my name to this Doji candler that is making history as the lower price before a longest rally in the DOF history.... hahahaha.. Be patient !!!!
23.11.2018 kl 15:48 1287

Last chance to purchases low history DOF share ;) After a Black Friday a beautiful sunrise ;)
23.11.2018 kl 15:59 1251

Black Friday salg close in 30 min ! Last minutes to purchase the lower historic price of a company fundamental valued in 35 Kr We are talking of 775% discount !!!! Incredible....
23.11.2018 kl 16:05 1235

How is going manipulators ? It is hard to write when losing positions ? hahahahahaha Black Friday salg !!!!! No the same opportunity on Monday.... ;)
23.11.2018 kl 16:14 1211

Nice white " Doji " Candle + Historic lower manipulated price + other new contract today + Brazil prepare $ with extecion to 30.000.000 $ for Petrobras + Oslo Børs in minimus + OPEP + Saudi Arabia reduction, Irán +++++++++
Redigert 23.11.2018 kl 16:14 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.11.2018 kl 16:14 1213

siste sjanse selge dritten! olja stuper! oljeaksjer kollapser! og det er bare begynnelse! selg nå! på mandag blir for sent...
23.11.2018 kl 16:19 1202

Any chance to get other lot at 3.890 Kr ? Please.... This black friday will never back again and it will be historic ..... Last chance to purchase 12 min !!!!
23.11.2018 kl 16:20 1194

Reverse Doji formation ! The ones has historics rallyes ... Now I understand why let to the price fall so far !!!! Money money money...
23.11.2018 kl 16:21 1192

No body sell ????? Come on !!!!!
23.11.2018 kl 16:23 1191

Oil production cuts are redacted and ready to be present to the public !!!!!! Saudi are not stupids ;)
23.11.2018 kl 16:27 1182

Manipulator desperate sell in panic so the panic is in the short sell side ... hahahahaha
23.11.2018 kl 16:29 1174

Det at oljen faller pga Trumps twitts er galt. Han har ikke lov til å manipulere markedet på den måten. Idioti.
Redigert 23.11.2018 kl 16:31 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.11.2018 kl 16:37 1155

AlanS the oil price come harder than before ! Saudi arabia is under pressure due it's fatal murder in their embassy but since is not only USA whose defend the human rights... Saudi Arabia will be punish and USA has a congress, Trump is not a dictator yet so he will obey and Saudi Arabia will close it's wells... But the worst thing that it looks like was planned and many people will make huge money when the oil go over 100 $ you will see happening.... This is a dirt new game since can't colapse the economy without damage EEUU as damage before.... ;)
23.11.2018 kl 16:50 1122

top stocks i 3 års portefølge:

1: bw offshore

2: lundin petroleum


4:A P møller mærsk


alle har overskuelig gæld, rimeligt med cash, og tjener penge hverdag!

alle er store selskaber, og er kandidater til hedge fonds/investerings fond eller så kaldet "big money"

apm bliver lidt svær at tracke, da de udlodder total sa aktier/ aktier i mærsk suply/ mærsk drilling inden længe.

sidder med en fornemmelse af de gerne vil fusionere suply/drilling ud: måske dof/soff = mærsk suply
måske drilling med bor eller seadrill??? alt sammen bare gætterier
mærsk vil nok kun danse med solide veldrevne selskaber

men i denne krise til er det vi ser, gode selskaber som spiser selskaber som er snublet.
nå det hele vender kommer der venskabelige ægteskaber, så der bliver færre store selskaber... så er det bare hvem bliver fremtidens vindere..