FPSO news this evening? Exciting times.

12.07.2018 kl 13:23

Dette er en arkivert tråd!
Contract is to expire in Aug. 2018.

Half-year report this Eve at abt. 20.00 CET.
12.07.2018 kl 19:38

Yes! a good Q2! $0,22 EPS, dividend $0,191.
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12.07.2018 kl 21:05

Contract expires in September, not August.

Regardless of that, it's the risk chapter that keeps me away:
"Ocean Yield is facing the risk of reduced revenues, cash flow and net profit from the FPSO when the current charter contract expires on 21st September 2018.

If the purchase option is not exercised, there is a risk of impairment of the book value of the FPSO, in particular if the current contract is not extended or a new employment contract is not immediately entered into. With no extension of the current contract, Ocean Yield is also exposed to demobilization risk related to the FPSO in India. A provision of USD 30.0 million is included in the accounts as per 30th June 2018 for the potential demobilization of the FPSO. No assurance can be given that the actual cost may not deviate from this amount. During the past 10 years, a number of contractual issues have been subject to discussions between the parties. It is expected that these issues will be subject to negotiations in connection with the expiry of the current contract."
13.07.2018 kl 01:48

It is a gamble. Like betting on Croatia or on France.

Will be the main topic amongst the audience at the half-year presentation later today 09.00 CET.
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