Who is the top 10 BP in FimaNac (a theory!!)

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10.07.2018 kl 13:46

Dette er en arkivert tråd!

Many of us in this forum think that AstraZeneca is the top 10 BP in FimaNac collaboration. The reason was mainly the appointment of Professor Andrew Hughes in our board. However what I am publishing now here could only consolidate this thought and if we read between the lines we would know why this 10 BP is secretive about it. (again this is a theory).

please go to this presentation in the link below and go to pages 81 and 82 (which i am copying below as well).


Page 81: the profile of James Douglas, Senior Scientist is very intersting to us as he has experience with photo-chemistry

"Early Chemical Development James is a senior scientist in Early Chemical Development, focussed on the synthesis of drug substance to support multiple projects as they progress through clinical trials. He has recently joined the company after time in academia (University of St Andrews, Boston University, and the University of Michigan) and the pharmaceutical industry in both the UK and the US, becoming a leader in the application of visible light photochemistry to drug molecule synthesis. James has a special interest in the efficient construction of complex molecules and the application of new technology to this field. Most recently, James has been part of a specialised team tasked with the synthesis of especially challenging molecules, ones where successful manufacture is vital to the rapid development of potentially new medicines.

page 82: I think this is in line with FimaNac mission

Capitalise on new opportunities by understanding more about delivering macromolecules into cells

"We established a new team within Pharmaceutical Sciences to focus on addressing the challenges of delivering macromolecules into cells. This has included the recruitment of new scientific leadership positions in cell biology. The challenges of delivering macromolecules are multifaceted and include novel excipient design and synthesis, manufacture of carrier systems and understanding biological mechanisms of cellular uptake/trafficking. The Intracellular Delivery Team therefore worked holistically, in partnership with colleagues in Pharmaceutical Sciences and IMED functions, to form a multidisciplinary team which is uniquely positioned to tackle these challenges. The team brings together scientists with expertise in chemistry, formulation and bioscience and is focussed on advancing our scientific understanding of intracellular delivery for new modalities, such as modified mRNA and antisense oligonucleotides. The activities in the team will result in better research tools, new formulations and novel delivery approaches which will enable and enhance therapeutic programmes where intracellular delivery of macromolecules is needed. This in turn will allow us to work with previously undruggable targets, significantly increasing the biological breadth of our portfolio"
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10.07.2018 kl 13:51

Excellent research, Stock DZ!

My bet is also AstraZeneca!!
10.07.2018 kl 15:50

Denne er utrolig interessant, tak for det Stock DZ.

Især denne uttalelse vise at man jobber med noe som forbedrer leveringen.

"This in turn will allow us to work with previously undruggable targets, significantly increasing the biological breadth of our portfolio"

Som veldig sansynlig kan være FimaNac.

Jeg syntes at denne uttalelse sier noe særdeles vesentlig om Pcib.

Pcib med hele leverings teknologien, kan hjelpe BP med ca 25-30% av det de har liggende i skuffen, lovende teknologier og stoffer som ikke virker fordi de ikke kan få disse kontrolleret leveret inn i cellerne.

Det vil de kunne med pci teknologien, og her kommer denne erkjennelse fra AstraZeneca. '
Jeg har skrevet dette før, BP bruker ca USD 500 mio på leveringsteknologier som i dag er (standard of care). Pcib slår alle disse Soc teknologier med syv mil støvler.

Jeg tror de fleste kan regne ut hva som skjer når flere av BP selskapene begynner å få øye på Pcib.

Tak igjen for godt gravearbeid Stock
10.07.2018 kl 15:58

Hvorfor vil BP innen fimaNAc være annonym?

Ja , hvorfor skape mere konkurranse ved bud enn nødvendig?

BP trenger tid for å få totaloversikt før budgivning og det er de avhengig av for å prise objektet.

lykke til

Stock DZ
10.07.2018 kl 16:38


In simple words: 10 BP chose to be anonymous because either:

- the research project has a substantial commercial value (FimaNacc has a wide spectrum of usage)

- the Big pharma is not yet well protected by patents for the research i.e competition.

Also big pharma usually discloses information in return of exclusive rights and to do this they need to pay.
Stock DZ
10.07.2018 kl 16:49


Found this while waiting to board my flight. Lot of legal stuff in it, but in line with what I said above to some extent.


Hope you find your answers in it.
10.07.2018 kl 17:10

Takker så mye DZ :)
10.07.2018 kl 17:28

Innlegget kl. 16.38 repeterer konsist nettopp hvordan det har vært , hvordan det er , og hvordan det vil bli. Barnslig mas om "oppdateringer" ( BGBIO prøvde seg på det med elendig resultat - ned over ti prosent ) innen medisinsk biotech er sikkert godt ment , men da har man ikke forstått spillereglene..... Dette er ikke Funcom:)
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Venter på nyheter samtidig med en skikkelig markedskorreksjon. Vi er langt på overtid. Blir interessant å høre hva Trump sier på talerstolen i Brüxelles. Handelskrigen er heller ikke bra for verdensøkonomien.
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Overtid på hvilken måte da ?
10.07.2018 kl 19:05

Overtid i forhold til en generell markedskorreksjon som er like rundt hjørnet. God sommer
Stock DZ
10.07.2018 kl 19:44


in the article I shared earlier "The value of secrecy for big pharma", you can read at the end the following (i am highlighting some key words):

"Indeed, companies which focus on developing a few blockbuster drugs for a select number of indications would clearly benefit from patent protection, WHEREAS companies looking to develop diagnostics, PERSONALISED THERAPEUTIC REGIMES and the like could also benefit from ‘BLACK BOX’ models, in which aspects of the invention are KEPT SECRET."

By "Personalised therapeutics regimes" they include CRISPR and RNAi. you can now link this directly to FimaNac research collaboration with the top 10 BP

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11.07.2018 kl 00:52

Og dette måtte du stikke inn på en Pcib tråd for å fortelle? God sommer...
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