Pompeo med pressekonferanse med Japan og Sør-Korea

08.07.2018 kl 18:16

Dette er en arkivert tråd!

Dette virker sakelig, rolig og balansert.

Pompeo er ikke aggressiv eller gangsteraktig. Han er konstruktiv og fornuftig.

Potus har blitt visket noen råd i øret for en tid tilbake, og disse har det nok blitt lyttet til, virker det som.

So far, so good.

Dette er ikke gangsteraktig som noen medier forsøker å gi inntrykk av.

Veldig bra at Japan og Sør-Korea følger dette så tett, og sammen med USA.
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Pompeo: Sanksjonene mot NOKo vil fortsette
intill NOKO har effektuert alle punkt i avtalen.

Areidet med å effektuere avtalen er konstuktivt og produktivt.
USA, Japan, Sør-Korea og Nord-Korea er enige om dette! og sannsynligvis også Kina.
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08.07.2018 kl 21:38

With Trump’s Help, North Korea’s Divide and Conquer Strategy is Working

Kim Jong Un believes the government in South Korea cares more about his proposals for a lasting peace on the peninsula than about his nukes.

SEOUL – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s disastrous mission to Pyongyang has left the U.S. grasping for leverage in its dealings with both North and South Korea.

The Americans now have to figure out how to deal with long-time allies who are talking about the need to “consult closely” with North Korea — not just with the U.S. as in the past. And it’s clear the North Koreans, yielding nothing to Pompeo, have deepened the wedge between Seoul and Washington. A ritualistic show of unity on Sunday between Pompeo and the foreign ministers of South Korea and Japan couldn’t disguise that.


08.07.2018 kl 22:10

Pompeo called on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to replicate Vietnam’s “miracle” of economic growth by improving ties with the US, vowing that America keeps its promises with former foes.


Ingen president har brutt så mange avtaler som Trump. Blant annet Iran avtalen, som faktisk virket.
08.07.2018 kl 22:13

jihadjabb hold fast på Iran-avtalen den virket for dere. Seff holder du fast jihadjabbado.

Innlegg av: jabbadabbado (08.07.18
Iran avtalen, som faktisk virket.
08.07.2018 kl 23:48

Jabb drar typisk frem de verste NWO blekkene.

Det kan være at Kina har blandet seg litt her, i ly at de kanskje er litt sure/kritiske om handelsavtaler. Men dette går sin gang. Koreahalvøya skal gjøres atomvåpenfri, og antageligvis gjenforenes.

DEnne prosessen vil gå okke som. Og det ligger store muligheter for Nord Korea i dette. NK kan få bedret levekåene betraktelig.
09.07.2018 kl 07:02

America and North Korea Are Having Two Different Conversations

The most important example of this concerns the very term “denuclearization.” Trump has characterized getting North Korea to sign on to working toward “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” as a concrete achievement akin to Kim promising to give up nukes. But though Trump and Kim signed the same statement, they meant something entirely different. As both Uri Friedman and Joel Wit have detailed in these pages, the North’s ambition for “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” was not a concession but the reiteration of a longstanding position. And as Kim Yong Chol’s remarks demonstrate, it would be a mistake for Trump to read this as a promise to unilaterally disarm.

What the North Koreans mean by “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” as Friedman explained, is “proof of denuclearization in South Korea [from which the U.S. withdrew tactical nuclear weapons under George H.W. Bush] … [and] no more deployment of American nuclear-capable vessels and aircraft during training exercises with South Korean forces.” The South may currently be nuclear-free, but the North Koreans don’t believe that, and as Friedman notes, the U.S. “still has multiple ways to launch a nuclear attack against North Korea, and the North Koreans know it.” The North Koreans may also consider the withdrawal of American troops from South Korea, and an end to the U.S.-South Korean alliance, to be encompassed in this notion of “denuclearization.”

09.07.2018 kl 07:10

South Korea’s Ambassador Has a Message for All the North Korea Skeptics

“We need to be more patient,” said Cho, in his first interview since Kim Jong Un’s meetings with the South Korean president in April and the American president a few weeks ago. “If you expected some immediate outcome from this summit meeting, it may be disappointing. But if we pay attention to the fact that we had a good start, actually it’s quite encouraging.”

This assessment of Trump’s North Korea policy is not necessarily typical in Washington, D.C., where many have chided the U.S. president for granting Kim Jong Un the stature of a summit, and proclaiming the meeting a sweeping success while extracting only vague commitments from Kim. But Cho, in an indication of how top South Korean officials are processing the latest developments, evaluates the situation differently. What’s important in his view isn’t only the technical questions of how and when North Korea’s “denuclearization” takes place, but also the political project of overhauling North Korea’s relations with South Korea and the United States. Looked at through that prism, the summit itself was a concrete achievement.

09.07.2018 kl 08:11

shit happens
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