- Cancer Vaccine phase II will be presented in May

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Since 2015, the clinical trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (MSKCC) where SBG® is used in combination with a cancer vaccine against high-risk neuroblastoma in children, has been expanded several times to become a regular phase II trial.

Patients in 1st remission after conventional therapy, are now allowed to
be treated with the experimental vaccine
together with SBG. More than 170 patients have already been recruited to the trial and the study aims to recruit a total of 185 neuroblastoma patients.

The study results from the first part of the phase II study will be presented at the biannual conference on “Advances in Neuroblastoma Research” (ANR2018) in San Francisco in May 2018. The abstract has been approved for an oral presentation under the “Clinical Trials and Prognostic Biomarkers” session. The abstract will be available from May 9 th at www.anr2018.org.
The trial has demonstrated that the combination of the neuroblastoma vaccine and SBG® has an excellent safety profile, and the study continues to show promising treatment effect in line with the phase I results published in 2014.

Biotec continues to discuss further collaboration with MSKCC and the vaccine producer to identify how this experimental treatment regime could move into a potential commercial project.

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