11.07.2018 kl 20:23

SBX har i kveld lagt ut en oppdatert presentasjon i forbindelse med kjøp av skip:

Strong rationale for fleet growth

• SeaBird has ~70% utilization booked for 3 active vessels through Q3-18
– Already secured backlog well into Q4 for parts of the fleet
• Strong tender activity for both 2D and OBN work in Q4-18 and Q1-19
– Significant amount of 2D work (ex US East Coast) out to tender, a first in current cycle
– Few surveys awarded yet
– OBN contractors testing market for source vessel capacity on long term charters
• Opening of US East Coast combined with visible rest-of-world demand would tighten market substantially
• SeaBird has a global operating platform, clean balance sheet, and strong QHSE track record
• SBX is well positioned to benefit from tightening market conditions and capitalize on attractive investment opportunities

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