14.06.2018 kl 10:44 2523

Safe, det beste stedet å se på H&N resultatene er kanskje på 2014 emisjonsprospektet

Side 46 står det en god del blant annet

"Tumour response evaluations were available for 16 patients at Day 28 and for 11 patients at Last Visit. The Last Visit evaluations of the 11 patients were confirmed according to RECIST criteria, that is, the tumour response was confirmed a minimum of four weeks after the Day 28 visit. The remaining patients were either withdrawn or were evaluated within the four-week confirmation period. At Day 28, 11/16 patients (69%) had a Complete Response of the target tumour to treatment, two patients (13%) had a Partial Response, two patients (13%) had Stable Disease and one patient (6%) had Progressive Disease. At Last Visit, 5/11 patients (45%) had a Complete Response, and two patients (18%) each had Partial Response, Stable Disease, and Progressive Disease."