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Slik jeg forstår noe av innholdet i patentet StockDZ har linket opp så er delivery selve nøkkelen.


"Since most vaccines are taken up by antigen presenting cells through endocytosis and transported via endosomes to lysosomes for antigen digestion and presentation via the MHC class-II pathway, vaccination primarily activates CD4 T-helper cells and B cells. To combat disorders or diseases such as cancer, e.g. melanoma according to the present invention, the stimulation of cytotoxic CD8 T-cell responses is important. However, the induction of cytotoxic CD8 T cells usually fails due to the difficulty in delivering antigen to the cytosol and to the MHC class-I pathway of antigen presentation."

Forsøkt løsning:

"Therapeutic vaccination, e.g. to suppress an existing melanoma, is challenging because of the usual immunological non-reactivity towards tumour cells. Stimulation of tumour-specific CD8 T cells has been tested with peptide vaccines or autologous dendritic cells treated ex vivo with melanoma antigens. However, such vaccination strategies have failed because of inappropriate antigen processing. The present invention unexpectedly has a utility in therapeutic vaccination of melanoma"

PCIB sin løsning:

"Photochemical internalisation (PCI) improves delivery of molecules into the cytosol. PCI is a technique which uses a photosensitizing agent, in combination with an irradiation step to activate that agent, and is known to achieve release of molecules co-administered to a cell into the cell's cytosol. This technique allows molecules that are taken up by the cell into organelles, such as endosomes, to be released from these organelles into the cytosol, following irradiation. PCI provides a mechanism for introducing otherwise membrane-impermeable (or poorly permeable) molecules into the cytosol of a cell in a manner which does not result in widespread cell destruction or cell death"

Mao good delivery is key. Og jeg mener at PCI-teknologien, fysisk levering vha av belysning som får endosomene til sprekke og levere intakt er genial.

ILAV, jeg har litt problemer med å se hvordan dette gjøres like effektivt for TG01, kunne du forklare?
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