Stock DZ
23.05.2018 kl 14:09

The question i ask myself is not how much i am prepared to lose.

The real question rather is, will it really change my life/life style if i lose my invested capital?

Also let s not forget that LOA now for fimachem sits at 51% which also implies (I would say) 49% probability of failure, but let's be honnest and think of it as a lottery ticket (for those who have not done their homework and sufficiently researched the company) so this lottery ticket has 50% chances of winning, how much you are willing to buy it for? I am not sure that everyone will be all-in but i am pretty sure that the most pessimistic person out there will also try to buy this ticket (only fair).

to cut it short, I think it is insane not to have a position (even a small one) in this company with the current development status, even though with 49% failure probability (this is just an opinion)
Redigert 23.05.2018 kl 14:10 Arkivert