19.05.2018 kl 11:10 4361


If you are sighting to me, then I can tell you that I have changed my opinion for the first time since October 2017, where as others here has changed their opinion on a weekly basis.

I am not totally negative towards ELE, but I am very negative towards ELE in the short term picture. We will get a 100 mil new shares on the market and that will make some pressure on the ELE share no matter one wants it or not.

Arkivaren if you keep your shares for a year or two then I think that you will earn a lot. But if you sell now you can buy cheaper in a months time and earn a lot more over a year and two

Of course the WP and ICO will come. But it will not come now, just wait and see

I will not be surprised if we touch 3 NOK and it is only 1,40 NOK from here and we have been there before

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