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04.05.2018 kl 12:45


hope this will give you more confidence, go to slide-23 (link below). this presentation was my first introduction to PCI biotech and "right of first refusal" together with todays potential were the main reasons for my long term PCI investment

Slide says:

- PCI technology was invented at NRH (Kristian Berg)

- NRH Research Foundation (RF) owns about 7 % of shares in PCI Biotech

- PCI Biotech has a ”general” research agreement with NRH
* Possibilities for contract research
* Right to use results within FIELD
* Right to aquire inventions (right of
first refusal) within FIELD.

- Clinicians followed development of technology

- Collaboration with RF/NRH has generally run smoothly with established routines and negligible bureaucracy