Stock DZ
21.03.2018 kl 09:01


I agree with your post but just a small correction, the previous update on PF-2 was not 3 months ago. it was much more recent than this as it was included in:

- BIO Europe Spring presentation March 14, 2018, in slide# 12 (also linked to stock market announcement)

Shareholders do read these presentations in details I don't know why this was still there when management knows this is not entirely true ... honest mistake may be!!!.

I also agree that this should have been communicated in a separate announcement, where Q-4 could have been the ground for explaining why, turn the page and rather focus on the many positive aspects of Q4 presentation. I believe the impact would have been much much less. but this is just my opinion and i don't want to be in PW's shoes, you know when shit happens, everybody else suddenly gets smart.

Regardless of this, I am pleased with the progress in all areas and still believe that PCI biotech first revenue will be from FimaVacc by Q4 2018, or Q1 2019 the latest.

Best of luc