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20.03.2018 kl 21:08

Hi and sorry for my english post

I think today's good presentation was overshadowed by the delay in FimaChem extension study safety read-out. PW tried to justify (trial centres only in Europe, paperwork involved for new trials, hand picked subjects for best possible response since this is not a randomised study bla bla), but when he tells me that one of the centres lost the application and PCIB did not know about it until after 2 months, my question would be how do you do your follow-ups (is it lack of human resources???)!!!!!

Also, what i find strange is that only last week's presentation 14 March at bio Europe spring which was also linked to a stock exchange announcement stated in slide # 12 that A single randomised pivotal study, planned initiated 1H 2018.

I feel this is less than professional to include false information knowing that you know about the slow recruitment since end 2017, I hope this was not more than just an overlooked statement which only deserves a slap on the hand. and hopefully, PCI management can learn from.

Q/A was good especially for pricing the double treatment and also FDA timeline for approval. there was also a funny moment with the "trial" type question going "you told me, but you told me" :) :)

The competitor's slide was new, and this alone should reassure investors that unlike other Biotech PCI biotech perhaps is allowed smalls delays since nobody is catching up. Here we are only talking few months delay.

Regarding the collaboration agreement, it sounded like PW is expecting more than just extension for the next round.

I picked up these couple of statements from PW's mouth, which he did not express them so confidently before as he did today:

FimaVacc: "our aim is to out-license this technology on non/semi exclusive basis but WE ALSO HAVE A VERY STONG IP in this area for a LONG PERIOD which gives an opportunity to develop our own therapeutic products"

FimaNAC: "we have a technology that can EFFICIENTLY deliver nucleic acid therapeutics into cells so that they become effective"

Good luck to all