BIOTEC : Strong Woulgan results from 300 patient study

01.03.2018 kl 20:57 1599

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Strong Woulgan results from 300 patient study

Strong Woulgan results from 300 patient study

(Tromsø, 1 March 2018) Biotec Pharmacon ASA’s (”Biotec”, OSE: BIOTEC) subsidiary Biotec BetaGlucans has evaluated data from a 300 patient study, showing significantly improved outcome for wounds using Woulgan® Gel compared to standard care.

Biotec BetaGlucans has received complete data sets from the 300-patient study where Woulgan® Gel was used for treating various types of stalled wounds. During 12-weeks, 150 patients were treated with Woulgan® Gel and 150 patients were treated with standard care. The study included typical chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, arterial leg ulcers and pressure ulcers (N=76), as well as more acute wounds such as burns, surgical wounds, donor sites and a variety of trauma wounds (N=74). All wounds included were considered stalled, having shown less than 40% reduction in size during the 4 weeks prior to treatment.

The study showed that Woulgan® Gel significantly increases the likelihood of wound healing compared to standard wound care (p 0.01) for stalled wounds of all types. The most significant effect of Woulgan® Gel was seen in chronic wounds where over 60% of the wounds healed within a 12-week period compared to about 30% for standard care. Woulgan also had a striking effect in patients with more acute wounds such as burns and surgical wounds, where time to heal was reduced by more than one week compared to standard care. In the group who had pure trauma wounds (cuts, bites and skin lesions from, for example, traffic accidents), there was almost 100% healing in both groups in the first 6 weeks, with a slightly shorter average healing time in the group treated with Woulgan (less than 4 weeks) compared to standard care (just over 4 weeks).

The study confirms that Woulgan® Gel can have a dramatically positive effect for patients with stalled wounds compared to standard wound care. Stalled wounds require long treatment periods and are very costly to treat. Based on this study, Woulgan® Gel is shown to have a significant health and social economic benefit which is crucial for every successful innovation in the market.

“We know that Woulgan has powerful documentation from multiple case series and documented case stories, but this extensive UK study shows Woulgan’s effectiveness on an even larger population of diverse stalled wounds. We will now use this data in our marketing efforts to persuade more clinicians to adopt Woulgan into their local practice." says Biotec Pharmacon's CEO Christian Jørgensen

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