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13.01.2018 kl 04:26

Novartis is also mentioned as a key player here. Many of the follow writers in this forum are guessing that Novartis might be the undisclosed top 10 BP in fimanac collaboration. Please see below an exchange of thoughts I recently had with snøffelen :)

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Thank you! Do you think there is a chance that the undisclosed top 10 pharma in the fimanac collaboration will be interested in fimachem too. They already have the insight into the platform via both in vitro and in vivo studies in fimanac plus no other treatment for bile duct recognized yet, so they certainly don’t have a competitive treatment. The timing for agreement renewal within fimanac and the quest for a partner for fimachem coincide at this stage. Could we hope for something here?


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RE^1: Takk til gode skribenter
Stock DZ, Your guess is probably as good as mine.

But it is an intriguing thought. It could might well be the case, and they have surely insight into the technology.

The extension of preclinical research collaboration agreement with the top-10 large pharma company was announced 10th of july, and the extended evaluation period was until the end of 2017, with the notion "may be further extended".

Until I hear something I have not, and will not, put any value on it, but I am still quite excited as any news has to com in 2018, and in case of extension I would guess that it would have been decleared before X-mas?