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Tittel The Court of Appeal fully rejects Wiik's appeal
On December 1, 2017, the Court of Appeal (Borgarting Lagmannsrett) announced its ruling against Gunnar Ryan Wiik's appeal regarding Oslo City Court's decision to keep an injunction freezing 18.7M shares in Wiik's name. The Court of Appeal, consisting of three judges, upheld Oslo City Court's decision in its entirety by fully rejecting Wiik's appeal, and further ruled that Wiik will have to pay NOK 220 325 to WR within two weeks of the ruling to cover WR's legal costs. Combined with the previous rulings where Wiik was also ordered to pay WR's legal costs, Wiik now owes WR a total of NOK 770 126 for legal costs in connection with the Norwegian court proceedings.

WR is pleased with this win and maintains that the Oslo City Court's (Oslo Byfogdembete) and the Court of Appeal's (Borgarting Lagmannsrett) decisions to keep an injunction freezing 18.7M shares in Wiik's name has been correct all three times, after five individual judges have assessed the evidence provided both by WR and by Wiik.

The Court of Appeal's ruling is enclosed in this message.

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December 4, 2017
WR Entertainment AS
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