ELE - Planlagt TV program i USA om Element

30.11.2017 kl 19:29

Dette er en arkivert tråd!
Element mener tydeligvis alvor med å planlegge ICO.

Amerikanerne har oppdaget dette og skal nå få lære av Element. Element omtales i USA i disse dager som "ground-breaking project investment Company".

Cecilie Grue har nå sagt ja til at det skal lages et TV program i USA om Elements "recent advances in asset-backed cryptocurrency":

DMG Productions uncovers recent advances in asset-backed cryptocurrency.

Jupiter, FL—Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr., will explore the ground-breaking project investment company, Element ASA (Element), in an upcoming episode, scheduled to air first-quarter 2018 on FOX Business. Check your local listings for more information.

Element is an innovative project investment company within the mineral sector. In the end of October 2017, Element announced that it will explore the issuance of asset-backed Tokens. The Tokens will be based on blockchain technology and can be exchangeable in to Iron Ore or products derived thereof. In essence, the asset-backed Tokens will represent an advance sale of iron ore.

“We are excited and honored to have caught the attention of such a well renowned program as Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr.”, says Cecilie Grue, CEO of Element. “To our knowledge we are the first listed company to plan an asset-backed Token, but we foresee that such instruments could be of interest not only to the mining industry but also other financial participants like hedge funds. We are experiencing a great need for education amongst investors and market participants. Participation in a program like Innovations w/Ed Bagley Jr. with its great out-reach and educational focus is an amazing opportunity for us,” says Grue.

“Element’s planned Tokens will be one of the few asset-backed tokens available in the market upon issuance,” said Michael Devine, producer for the Innovations series. “We look forward to educating the public on how Element is providing more stable and sound investments opportunities for speculators.”