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28.11.2017 kl 23:10


this came up during Q/A session earlier, transcript below


you stated that you are expecting high pricing (FimaChem), can you tell a little bit about where in the area you are talking about, are we on the high end of the high pricing or are we in the middle end of high pricing?

Answer (PW):
it will depend on what kind of results we have in the end of this technology whether we get a really strong effect with two treatments on all different aspects, quality of life and overall survivor and so on then you will have a better position to negotiate a high price for the technology. It is an orphan disease and if you look at what orphan diseases are paid, it is a big range it is a huge range. it is normally very high pricing. we will not be at the very top of that range because at the very top of that range is treatment for pediatric diseases that are really sort of life-threatening and are dependent upon to survive. but we will not be at the lowest end either. So I would say mid (range) is my answer to that. this is what we expect"

*** Comments
Can we put a number on the expected pricing?

I did some research i found out the the high end pricing PW refers to here for pediatric diseases is most likely for BioMarin orphan drug Brineura which one of the most expensive orphan drug on the market with a price tag of 702K USD a year (List price before discount / Discounts apply under certain schemes).

so if we establish 700K USD as the high-end Orphan Drugs pricing (according to PW ), then:

** what do you think is mid range pricing for FimaChem is ? does 150K USD E-mannen used in the analysis still looks conservative or very very very conservative :) ?

**also, do you have any idea how a double treatment would be priced? is it price x 2 or a factor of this (1,2 x, 1,5 x for example). ODD was approved based on single treatment