APCL 20.11.2017 kl 15:07 6668

Blir litt lesing på dere - men er vel verdt det! Spennende, og ikke minst høyaktuelt for dagens situasjon!

"As part of the country’s commercial strategy, the ministry will be expected to finalise the publication of a new Petroleum Code, a contentious process started in 2012 and conducted by French consultancy Beicip Franlab. Expected in 2018 at the earliest, the new code will replace the current 1998 Petroleum Code, which still awards contracts on a direct application and award basis".

"Rather than easing fears as concerns oil and gas revenue management and contract allocations, the lack of clear division of power between the new ministry and COS-Petrogaz feeds suspicions of political collusion. Despite the provision of a USD 29 million loan from World Bank to support Senegal in negotiating oil and gas contracts, many amongst the fragmented opposition and the vibrant civil society doubt it will make a difference". ....."In the last few years, a series of allegations have already tainted the Senegalese sector, some of which directly targeted the President’s brother Aliou Sall for his role within Timis Corporation, owned by Romanian-Australian businessman Frank Timis".

"The dismissal of Energy Minister Thierno Alassane Sall, which coincided with Total’s exploration licence award in May 2017, has also been perceived as a sign of Macky Sall’s interventionist leadership in the sector. In a context of growing politicisation of oil and gas issues, the government is most likely to expedite policy reform, potentially riling civil society voices which are calling for greater transparency, engagement and guarantees of fair redistribution"

Ville bare gi litt mer liv til trådene om dagen, da vi alle er i ventemodus slik jeg ser det.

Men objektivt, er det noen som har noen tanker om dette?

1. Jeg tenker, er dette noe som gjør at APCL faktisk har en sjans?, ergo - har Gambia/Senegal begynt denne nye praksisen for tidlig. Om det nå så blir endret noe...

2. Er dette noe som kan felle APCL? Altså at Senegal ikke vil gjøre noen nye avtaler før denne er på plass? (eller at de allerede forhandler med parter i denne "conducten"?

Ville bare høre med andres perspektiv - så får vi litt diskusjon!