QEC - Asset valuations!

23.09.2017 kl 15:57 3249

Dette er en arkivert tråd!
Her er noen eksempler på hva Utica acres går for. Noen nylige salg og andre litt eldre... Man kan selv søke på google og finne andre eksempler...

Asset value Utica Ohio transaction...


Do the math, and if they sold all 25,900 acres for $62 million it works out to a relatively low $2,394 per acre–essentially a fire sale compared with lease prices in that area which are double that amount.

On August 31, 2017, Carrizo entered into an agreement to sell substantially all of its assets in the Utica Shale, located primarily in Guernsey County, OH, for $62 million in cash, subject to customary closing conditions. Additionally, Carrizo could receive contingent payments of up to $15 million in aggregate based on average annual WTI prices exceeding certain thresholds over the next three years.