08.09.2017 kl 09:42 2022

Kaizers 08.34, Hvor finner du at Canacol er i pengekrise??

Her er hva de sier i Q2:
"At June 30, 2017, the Company had $25.6 million in cash and $62.9 million in restricted cash, and we continue to be well within all of our banking covenants. Subsequent to the quarter end we’ve drawn an
additional $20 million on the Credit Suisse facility and as of
today, we have approximately $50 million of cash on hand. I also note that the restricted cash balance now continues to tick down on a periodic basis, not only due to the satisfaction of ongoing A&H commitme
nts but also due to a cash release every six months relating to Ecuador."

Utskrift av presentasjonen:

Edit: Artig at de satser på gassanlegg i Middle Magdalena der også Canacol har brønner.
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