DNO- Vi har sett toppen for denne gang ?

10.08.2017 kl 16:39

Dette er en arkivert tråd!
Mye tyder på det. Olja virker å ha gått overdrevent mye. Mange stiller seg tvilende på om den oppgangen man har sett siste tiden holder. DNO gått over 20% sist mnd pga det.

USA ned.

Skal nok atter en gang ned under 9 kr. Kansje sågar ned til 8 - 8.50 kr.

Gratulerer til dere som fikk solgt.

Hvor stor decline er det på Tawke noen som vet?

Zerohedge :

" Despite the newfound optimism, analysts do not see much upside from here. For example, Barclays said in a recent research note that the rally is probably unsustainable. "Prices have moved higher, due to a perfect combination of a favorable macro environment, a seasonal uptick in consumption, continued inventory drawdowns, and geopolitical unrest," the investment bank wrote. "Certain factors that supported prices in July are unlikely to last, and we expect a downward correction during this quarter."

The recent price gains, at least in part, were driven by greater bullishness from speculators, but absent a more dramatic improvement in the underlying fundamentals, those speculative movements can only take things so far. "Fundamentals remain shaky this quarter, therefore any rally that occurs before more substantive inventory draws would be short-lived,” Barclays analysts added.

One particular concern for oil bulls is the fact that U.S. shale producers are likely to turn up the pace of hedging with oil at $50 per barrel, locking in future production and ensuring that new supply comes online. Citigroup says that a new round of hedging is already underway. With the certainty of oil sales for 2018 in hand, shale producers can proceed with more drilling. That means more supply will be forthcoming, capping the price rally.

Moreover, without visible signs of ongoing improvement in the physical market, investors could start to sour on prices again.

As John Kemp of Reuters points out, the liquidation of short bets on oil futures and the sudden increase of longs ultimately means that “it may prove tough to sustain the recent upward momentum in crude and product prices.”

When investors take things too far, the pendulum tends to swing back. With speculators having already staked out bullish positions, there is less room to run on the upside."

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