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Mseis - Fantastisk - EBIT vekst 117.8% - proffit vekst 89%

Hvis ikke dette seismikk selskapet flyr i taket snart skjønner jeg ingen ting.

HIGHLIGHTS First Quarter - Revenues increased 16.5% to MUSD 24.6 compared to Q117 and MUSD 19.8 sequentially - EBITDA increased 16.4% to MUSD 10.4 compared to Q117 and MUSD 14.9 sequentially - EBIT increased 117.8% to MUSD USD 6.6 compared to Q117 and MUSD 14.6 sequentially - Net profit increased 88.5% to MUSD 5.7 compared to Q117 and MUSD 15.5 sequentially - Cash flow from operations MUSD -6.2 due to an increase in trade receivables as revenues increased sequentially - Operational uptime and data recovery rate > 99% with no safety reported incidents - Raised MUSD 37.0 million in equity to fund future growth - Awarded contract for leasing of MASS nodes and full operations in South East Asia - Application for transfer to main list at OSE in the second quarter CEO STATEMENTS "We are pleased to announce one of our best quarterly financial reports in the history of Magseis. This is attributable to the outstanding performance by our MASS node technology and crew onboard Artemis Athene, who despite harsh working conditions, continue to deliver operational excellence. We believe our operational track record position the Company well for future extensions in this ongoing campaign for Saudi-Aramco. We are also pleased to see that a substantial part of the sequential revenue growth reflects all the way to the bottom line which shows the scalability of our business model with efficient survey design and improved utilisation.