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SSC er børsens laksefavoritt

I dag gikk SSC opp nesten 6% og blir betegnet som børsen laksefavoritt som ypper seg. Det er ikke noe rart når de har lagt fram rekordresultater for Q4/17 og viser fram planer og strategier for de neste måneder i 2018 og videre:
"Fourth quarter 2017 revenues were £39.9m (Q4 2016: £27.2m). The increased revenue is partly due to higher harvest volumes 6,874 tonnes (Q4 2016: 5,733 tonnes) and also continued strong selling prices. Revenue for Q4 2017 at £5.80/kg (Q4 2016: £4.75/kg), a £1.05/kg uplift.
* Costs/kg and volume harvested were impacted by mortalities and lower average
harvest weights due to accelerated harvesting.
* During the quarter, mortalities reduced compared to Q3 2017. These
mortalities were site specific and in line with our standard practice, are
accounted for as they occur. The impact continues into 2018.
* Focus on biological improvements remains a priority, a new position of
Director of Biology was filled during the quarter further strengthening our
fish health expertise.
* To support the further development of the Native Hebridean Broodstock
Programme, an agreement with Hendrix Genetics, a leading international
breeding technology company was confirmed during the quarter.
* The new fillet line at the processing plant in the south started
operations. This new facility will further improve the Company's offering
and flexibility to meet customer requirements on a continuous basis and
provide increased capacity in this growing offering.
* In Q4 2017, export accounted for 58% of sales, compared to 44% in Q4 2016.
SSC has a continued focus to expand exports to overseas markets. Positive
feedback on the unique Native Hebridean salmon has captured attention in
these export markets.
* The Company will continue its focus on cost and efficiency improvements, and guides on a harvest volume of 26,500 tonnes in 2018."