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Innlegg av: mcaxel (26.02.18 08:18 ), lest 8784 ganger
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Endret: 17.03.18 09:10

ELE - March month will be hectic! 0 days to Fox!!! :)

This is the day! :)

With only 0 days for the Fox Television Element asa broadcast, I think that March will be a very hectic month for us investors in Element Asa :)

I'm even more excited about all the media coverage and reviews that ELE will get worldwide after the broadcast

From herrgrå:

"jeg skrev til Fox, 11th feb:

"We shot in Oslo two weeks ago and are in the process of editing right now. We will have links of the edit on the next three weeks to share. Broadcast will be in March.""

"Date: 3/17 @ 5pmET on Fox Business."