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Element er med på lista, snart whitepaper godkjenning

Takk for deling jonea:)

Ethereum adds 80 new members to EEA.
mortyc137 (25) in ethereum • 11 hours ago
The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance(EEA) connects enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts. With over 200 member organizations, the EEA is the world's largest blockchain initiative. It has recently added over 80 new members.

Among the new members some of the most exciting conspires include Tesla Foundation, AMD, Royal Bank of Canada, Pfizer, Ernst and Young, and Kaspersky.

Full list of members can be found in the link and below are the new members.

8base Inc.

ADS Securities

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)


Ambrosus Technologies GmbH

American Family Insurance

Apical IT Solutions Ltd

ArcBlock Inc.

Artisan Productions, Inc.

Asset Token

B9lab Ltd


Beyond Manufacturing

Bitdegree Blockchain Learning Foundation

bitfly gmbh

BKX Corp

Blockchain Association

Blockchain Research Institute


BlockTech Ventures

BlueMeme Inc.

Brane Inc


Circularise B.V.


Comae Technologies

Confideal Limited



Cryptica Capital


Digital Treasury Corporation

Element ASA

Epiq Systems, Inc.

Ernst & Young (EY)