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Quebec opens the door for a tightening of the hydrocarbons

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Pierre Moreau, is not closing the door on tightening the proposed regulation under the Hydrocarbons Act, without, however, going forward with a possible ban on hydraulic fracturing.

Questioned on the sidelines of the annual conference of the Quebec Oil and Gas Association (APGQ) Monday in Montreal, Mr. Moreau was cautious, saying that there were several legal issues surrounding this possibility.

The minister added, however, that if the regulations were to be tightened, he would evaluate the possibility of doing so.

Before members of the oil and gas industry, Mr. Moreau recalled that there was no social acceptability for hydraulic fracturing - this controversial process of cracking rock cover at using a fluid under pressure to access the deposits.

This did not seem to please the president of the QOGA and the Alberta company Questerre, Michael Binnion, who believes that the burden of proof rests solely on the shoulders of the industry.

In his view, it is up to all stakeholders in society, including the government, to share the findings of independent studies that demonstrate progress in hydraulic fracturing.

The hydrocarbons regulation has been the target of criticism, notably because of certain provisions, such as the minimum distance between oil wells and residences as well as schools. The consultation process has been extended until December 9th.