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NAS - Kjos ønsker å kjøpe 1 mill aksjer

Contemplated offer to acquire shares in Norwegian Air

HBK Holding AS, majority owned by Bjørn Kjos and with Bjørn H. Kise as co-owner and chairman, has engaged Arctic Securities AS and Danske Bank (the "Managers") to explore the opportunity to acquire up to approximately one million shares (~2.8 per cent of the share capital) in Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, but with the possibility for HBK Holding AS at its full discretion to decrease the number of shares to be acquired (the "Offer").

The Offer is carried out through a book building process. The Managers will gather and accumulate sales orders from existing shareholders. All existing shareholders are invited to offer shares at a price level defined by the selling shareholder. For all selling shareholders the purchase price will be set at a level representing a satisfactory price and offering volume. The purchase price will be identical for all selling shareholders.

The book building process commences immediately, and will close no later than at 08:00 CET, 14 September 2017. The book building period can be closed earlier or extended at the Managers' own discretion. If an acquisition is to be completed, pricing and allocation will follow shortly thereafter. Allocation will then be made 14 September 2017, and settlement will then take place on 19 September 2017. HBK Holding AS reserves the right to terminate the Offer or make any amendments with regard to the volume or other terms
of the Offer.

For shareholders wishing to participate in the Offer, please contact:

Arctic Securities AS - Tel: +47 21 01 31 85

Danske Bank - Tel: +47 22 86 13 85