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Newly Recognized Tool From iHeart Determines Internal Age Via Aortic Stiffness
OSLO, NORWAY and METUCHEN, NJ (September 13, 2017) - NattoPharma, the world
leaders in Vitamin K2 research and development, has confirmed and cultivated an
understanding that K2 supports cardiovascular health by activating proteins that
inhibit arterial calcification. So it is understandable that NattoPharma is
excited to be teaming with a company that has pioneered a system that helps to
determine ones internal age by measuring aortic stiffness via pulse wave
velocity (PWV). The iHeart system is the perfect complement to NattoPharmas
clinically validated cardiovascular and bone support ingredient, MenaQ7 Vitamin
K2 as MK-7.

The iHeart system calculates ones Internal Age, a measure of Aortic Stiffness
relative to others the same age, using Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (AoPWV). AoPWV
is the speed a pulse wave travels down the aorta, the bodys largest blood
vessel. AoPWV has been proven to be a powerful predictor for risk of heart
disease, stroke and dementia, while Aortic Stiffness has been linked to
inadequate dietary intakes, specifically Vitamin K2, as substantiated in
population and clinical studies. iHeart proves a snapshot of current heart
health and objectively shows benefit of Vitamin K2 supplementation.

By analyzing the fingertip arterial pulse signal, our system calculates the
aortic pulse wave velocity within 30 seconds, which then allows users to track
the effects of lifestyle choices on their internal age, says Dr. Jess Goodman,
the creator of the iHeart system.

A Canadian general practitioner and medical advisor at three long-term care
facilities, Dr. Goodman is well aware of the importance of physical activity for
health maintenance, he wanted to provide a simple, easy-to-use metric that
showed health benefit of regular exercise. Aortic stiffness served this purpose
well, being a parameter proven to predict the risk of death from all causes and
shown to improve with exercise.

Our 3-year cardiovascular study measured pulse wave velocity to determine that
a nutritional dose of MenaQ7 improved arterial stiffness. And now the iHeart
system provides a quick, non-invasive way to calculate ones aortic pulse wave
velocity, designating whether they could benefit from Vitamin K2
supplementation, says Eric Anderson, SVP Global Marketing and Business

iHeart will be at NattoPharmas SupplySide West booth (P115) demonstrating this
amazing technology, which is a perfect match for NattoPharmas clinically proven
and patented MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7.

Plan to come by to get your iHeart measurement. Visit to find
out more about the iHeart system, and to learn more about this
expert Vitamin K2 brand.