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RE^1: GIG - Nytt meget bra strategisk oppkjøp!

Har er meldingen:

"Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GIG), has through its subsidiary
GIG Media (formerly Innovation Labs), agreed to acquire the
technology driven Danish performance marketing company Rebel Penguin
for a total consideration of EUR 13 million. With the highly
competitive and proprietary technology of Rebel Penguins GIG Media
enters the paid media space, reaching distribution channels such as
Facebook and Google. The acquisition positions GIG Media as a 360
degree digital marketing company, present in all major channels.

Since the foundation in 2007, Rebel Penguin (RP) has generated more
than 155,000 paying customers to sports betting clients in UK & the
Nordics. As such, the acquisition is an important initiative in
GIG's strategy of enhancing its sportsbetting capabilities ahead of
the 2018 World Cup. RP has so far not approached the casino market
where GIG has a leading and rapidly growing presence. Thus, the
casino segment represents an attractive and untapped potential.

RP will provide an increased volume of new players into GIG's eco-
system and benefit all of GIG's business areas. RP's in-house
affiliate agency will add valuable technological and strategical
knowledge to GIG's B2C and B2B gaming operators. Cost synergies are
estimated to be at least EUR 1 million per year. In addition, Rebel
Penguin will add significantly to GIGs revenues.

Rebel Penguins annual revenue run-rate is approximately EUR 6.8
million, with a corresponding EBITDA of approximately 2.3 million.
Rebel Penguin is based in Copenhagen with more than 30 employees.
All staff will be retained.

CEO of GIG, Robin Reed comments:
"This is another milestone for GIG Media. Through this acquisition,
we will reach millions of monthly ad placements throughout major
distribution channels such as Facebook and Google. We strengthen our
position in three main areas: paid media, regulated markets, and
sportsbetting. For sportsbetting operators we increase traffic
driving capability significantly. Finally, we bolt on Rebel
Penguins proprietary technology to our platform and add 30 highly
competent marketers."

The acquisition will be settled with EUR 9.1 million in cash and the
balance in 7,165,000 GIG shares. The shares will have 12 months
lock-up. GIG will use its treasury shares, and the outstanding
number of shares in GIG, 896,656,266, will not be changed following
the transaction. GIG will decrease its holding of treasury shares
from 7,165,000 to zero, or from 0.80 % to 0 % of the outstanding
shares. Closing is expected in September 2017.

GIG's subsidiary GIG Media is a fast-growing online marketing
company for iGaming. It refers paying users to B2B clients primarily
on perpetual revenue share agreements. It sources these paying users
by obtaining competitive rankings for high-value keywords in search
engines through SEO (search engine optimization), generating traffic
to owned websites. These websites have guides and quality content
for the gaming industry and serves as paths to operators. GIG Media
also refer paying users through data driven media buying techniques."