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NANO. Betalutin and Lugano news.

will be present...........

Upon submission of an abstract, the first author/presenter is responsible for........Certifying that the same abstract has neither been nor will be previously published before the 14-ICML.
Updated analyses must substantially differ from previously published manuscripts.

Special sessions devoted to radiotherapy are organized in collaboration with ILROG (International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group): a first satellite workshop open to all 14-ICML attendees and a second one open to radiation oncologists only will possibly take place. Details will be available closer to the event at A special session on “Contouring in Modern Lymphoma Radiotherapy Planning” will be held on Saturday June 17 for max. 30 lymphoma radiation oncologists

New drug development - number 282

Fast Track


chHH1 humanized version of the murine HH1 antibody